Create a Marabou Jig

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Create a Marabou Jig . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Create a Marabou Jig “. Hopefully this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Create a Marabou Jig

 How to make a Marabou Jig manufacturing

Marabou feathers undoubtedly a popular material with regard to tying streamer jigs and jigs. spring torches in the water, giving a seductive action of the lure. Marabou feathers as a result of domestic turkeys so they are naturally white, but are painted in different colors . the springs are actually tied on hooks formed comprising a lead head with different weights on crappie, bass and walleye jigs. Usage 1/64 to 1/8 ounce. of. jigs for crappie in addition to 1/4 to 1 / 2 oz. of. for bass and walleye jigs. Marabou and travel tying tool is available to fly some fish stores.



    Keep a kind of jig hook from the hook bend and will dip the lead jig to the bottle for paint and pull it out. Allow the paint to slip off the main settlement perfectly smooth coat during the jig head. Hang the hook head as small as dry for 1 hour before proceeding.


    Terminal curve for the jig hook while in the vise so that the actual shank and also head parallel while using tabletop.


    Keep the completed from the bond just behind the mold directly to the hook shank, in addition to the wire with respect to the end in a clockwise direction than you wrap. Keep the thread of the shaft in the direction of all the bend of the hook is always loving each wrap with them. tread stop halfway down the shank plus wrap oh no – the jig head and let it hang on the spool.


    Pour a layer of hover head cement to the thread on the hook shank with leave it for the purpose of 10 minutes to completely dry and the shore.


    Select an important marabou feather, pinch the fibers on one side of the stem between thumb and forefinger and even cut the soluble fiber wood from the trunk. Press and hold the fibers and parallel to the hook shank. Set of fiber ends by connecting the hook bend half the space of the shaft.


    Tie the fibers down to the hook shank with the help of five turns of wire with the butt ends behind the mold mind.


    Pinch and cut a minute bunch of fibers in a marabou feathers. Place the fibers to the bottom on the hook shank, adjust the suggestions that fit on top and bind the fibers to the hook shank with five turns of wire on the corners of the superior fiber forest.


    Cut out all the butt ends to rinse inside the fibers when using the back of the jig head. Wrap the wire in the butt ends forward and backward, forming a place wire neck intended for 1/8 directly behind the mold face. Tie the wire with three or more half-stabbing taking any snug to the neck.


    Apply jig head cement in the threaded neck by dipping the end of the Bodkin the direction of the fly head concrete and painting in the wire. Let it free from moisture for 60 seconds and then cut the wire flush aided by the neck.

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