DIY Jigging Spoon

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DIY Jigging Spoon . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “DIY Jigging Spoon “. i hope that this short article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

DIY Jigging Spoon

Fishing spoons flashing off the water, move in an up and down movement due to concave surface belong to the use object. Spoons are especially effective in the choice for bass, bluegill plus crappie. Spoons are among the many lures simpler in design, as they are easily formed from a home workshop. If you have old kitchen spoons near your home, you’re halfway home to build a fish jigging teaspoon.



    Cut the lever over spoon with the relevant hacksaw and data-file at the bottom of the stripe edge, so that no sharp metal barbs or can be found.


    Place the spoon in your vise, lengthwise. Be sure that the concave area of ​​the spoon is certainly to the top. Highlight the guts edge with the spoon about 1 centimeter down your side from the typically spoon. Mark the additional end a further point.


    Use another 1/8 inch to 1/4-inch sheet metal drill directional drilling out holes in the highlighted part of the spoon.


    Get a spoons and reposition making it into the vise vertically lips. Grip handles absolutely the best end of the spoon with the vise and turn the regular vise as tight as it can be without bending the ends into the spoon.


    Put that vise grips a half turn of the spoon grant a surplus twist on a metal. Remove the actual spoon.


    Thread the swivel in the hole. Attach the tri-barbed hook with the other end in the swivel. The jigging spoon is up and about. Use the extra hole in order to place the lure fishing line from you.

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