Easy methods to Regulate Fish around Farm Ponds around Oklahoma

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Easy methods to Regulate Fish around Farm Ponds around Oklahoma. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Easy methods to Regulate Fish around Farm Ponds around Oklahoma”. Hopefully this article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Easy methods to Regulate Fish around Farm Ponds around Oklahoma

How to manage Fish in Grind Ponds in Oklahoma

The Okla Department of Animal Conservation (ODWC), Fisheries Division gives free starter pike stocking to anyone having a farm pond at a minimum a half-acre in area without any existing fish populace. For those landowners who have got a farm fish-pond with existing sea food, the ODWC offers you free assistance in regulating the prevailing population. While this landowner must furnish fish population dimension and composition facts, the Fisheries Section will assess this kind of data and help to make recommendations regarding other stocking, pond improvements, or possibly the destruction of your current population to bring about more favorable water feature stock.



    Determine the on-going fish population during the farm pond. Could potentially be accomplished by a few methods. Seine the shoreline of your pond using the 20-by-4 foot minnow seine. It’s best done among June and Sept. Measure each pike and record any species and capacity. This will figure out the reproductive success in the fish, if any kind of. In addition, keep accurate documentation of the measurements and species from any fish caught from pond.


    Apply designed for fish stocking if no proof of a fish inhabitants exists. To print a copy within the application go online into the ODWC website (to any Farm Pond Pike Stocking Program), or even contact the Fisheries Office directly at 405-521-3721. That allows you to apply, you really need a current sportfishing license.


    Assess typically the species composition from the pond, if any fish population witout a doubt exists. The recommended fish species within a farm pond usually are bass, bluegill along with channel catfish. Other fish species may very well be present if you will discover no signs in competition or overcrowding. The ODWC recommends destroying today’s fish population if its full of an overabundance for rough fish enjoy carp, gar, or maybe bullhead catfish. This really is accomplished by a credit application of a contaminant called rotenone. On the other hand, this can only do with the guarantee and supervision for the ODWC.


    Plumb the depth with the farm pond. The depth for the pond should be measured over time of normal rain. This can performed with a time period of rope with a weight in the final analysis. Take a boat to the biggest market of the pond, drop the pounds overboard and give it time to sink to underneath. Measure the period of rope. The ODWC recommends a baseline depth of 8 feet to ensure that sufficient water degrees during periods involving drought.


    Contact any Fisheries Division meant for pond and inhabitants assessment. The ODWC will assist you contact a wildlife biologist close to you who will assist you to determine the best plan for maintaining and correcting the village pond population.

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