How Rubber fishing lures do

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How Rubber fishing lures do . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How Rubber fishing lures do “. i hope that this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

How Rubber fishing lures do

 How to help Rubber Fishing Lures

Rubber fish lures actually made of very soft plastic. thick milky light liquid plastisol results in getting a thick cutting liquid when heated. as it cools very hot plastisol, the software is a tough non-toxic clear very soft plastic. Before this plastisol cools, individual add color plus or glitter. to make the plastisol fishing lure in a soft plastic reef, dump the liquid substance into molds. the mold design determines lure of the soft plastic design.



    Coat the medial side of both halves of the plastic mold with non-stick cooking spit.


    Align the two main large mold halves. Slide a C -CLIP about each side of your line mold halves in order to return them apart.


    Meng to take special Plastisol thoroughly with a wooden stir.


    Heat the special plastisol. Pour in the required amount of Plastisol the direction of a microwave-safe calibration cup. Set the measuring cup in a microwave. Set the microwave for a minute, start the microwave oven and the plastisol, so you can be heated. Stir the plastisol, and also heat it over an additional 30 times. Insert the tip of the cooking thermometer for the plastisol. If this temperature is here 325 degrees Fahrenheit, heat keeps the tissue.


    color and glitter (if desired), add in the direction heated Plastisol.


    Coat that O-ring and the piston in connection with an injector mold by means of non-stick cooking spray.


    Set the cylinder to a mold injector even turned on a desk with open end of the cylinder. Fill the cyndrical tube 3/4 full with the heated Plastisol.


    Slide the bottom of the injector plunger which contains the O-ring in the upper mold injector. Flip injector about the shape and even push down on the cylinder to Plastisol has been developed to the tip of this type injector.


    Slide your fill opening your plastic mold across the small feed tube with the mold injector.


    Push the plastic mold, unless Plastisol reservoir fills beside the mold.


    Set the actual stuffed plastic aside to form fascinating.


    Remove the C-clips by shape, separating the two main halves of the mold, pull the bait cooled within the mold. Cut the extra plastic off your tresses soft (thrush), a razor knife.

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