How to easily create a Flattie Rig

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How to easily create a Flattie Rig . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to easily create a Flattie Rig “. i hope that this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to easily create a Flattie Rig

 How to brew a Flattie Rig

flattie Striper, also known as bone, are saltwater sport fish prized by anglers for mild flavor. anglers catch flattie along each surf where they come together in times of the age at which they spawn, along with food. a specific type of fishing gear required for a important to keep bait hook on the bottom where flattie give food to. the machine is designed so that the fish weight leads to more success even detect ground up with flattie fish.



    cut a 24-inch height of 18- to 20-lb. test monofilament fishing line with a filler to perform coil as a boss. with sharp scissors to cut the collection.


    tie a good three-way swivel on top of one side in 24-inch leader who has a Uni knot. Soften the knot with water or saliva, and also pull tight. Trim excess from your free end of your line with sharp scissors.


    Confirm easy under the eyes of all three road spin. Attach a 1-oz. or heavier weight pyramid with snap. Adjust the quality of the weight based on the fishing conditions, water depth and individual preference.


    Tie a significant size 3 fluke connected to the free end part of the leader with a major Palomar knot. Moisten the button together with pull tight prior to trimming excess line in the free end of your button.


    structure Place shrimp, squid and bloodworms relating to entice the hook in the fish intended for flattie or fluke.

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