How to easily create a Tag Line Pitcher

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How to easily create a Tag Line Pitcher . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to easily create a Tag Line Pitcher “. i hope that this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to easily create a Tag Line Pitcher

 How to Generate a Tag Line Jug
[19459003genereren] jug outdoor or jugging, is actually a popular method of catching catfish. jugging uses the installation of a jar, or perhaps a similar floating units with line not to hook attached to mention below. What separates fish pitcher of more traditional fisheries systems that absolutely no rods are used. jug fishing allows the angler to some use “scum” in dozens environment. heaviness jug rig is usually a jug line that only a floating device straight up each time a fish is hooked for will be the reason that the fish pulls on the game, making the “flag” so that you can stand vertically in the water.



    Tie one end to your heavy monofilament line leading to the handle of a kind jug. If you’re the commercial “flag” tie the line to the bottom of the flag. It is generally in the holes on the bottom of the line where they usually are attached.


    Bind use some sort of half-pound weight for the end of the line on a moored jug line. Tie a half-ounce weight at the end of the line if you use a free-floating container line. An anchored line will be anchored to the base and is much easier to find when an individual’s back.


    Tie a good no-slip slip knot about one foot in line. Take the picture about six inches in total. Squeeze the end part of the loop, and then to carry out the pinching end over the eye of the hook, and running the loop with the shaft of your hook. Grab a hook and move tight. This will protected the hook to the line.


    Read local regulations. Repeat step 3 so you can bind other hook on your line if it is legal to do so. Make sure your hooks are near at least 2 feet apart.

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