How to Employ Jack Traps

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How to Employ Jack Traps . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Employ Jack Traps “. We hope this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Employ Jack Traps

Jack Traps can be defined as a company that creates a lot of ice fishing gear. One of one of the main products can be the tip-up. A tip-up a little ice can day fishing tool that fits the hole. A bait line hanging amazing bottom and a minute flag appear every time a fish bites the bait. Fishermen use these tools to several holes at once Striper. Using a “Jack Trap” is no different than using almost any other type of tip-up. The operating principle can be the same method for each type. Jack Trap helps cruciform tip-ups and not circular ones.



    Drill a hole in the ice with the help of a person drilling ice. Make sure it is just wide enough for use on your tip-up can slide to the problem without attacking them.


    Turn each note closed arms for the tip-up. Move to open the arms until it produces a cross good condition. Screw the nut on the spot to confirm the poor.


    Roller foot with preattached line, not to mention tie a hook on the end. Place your bait for the hook and snatch the flat upright. Bend the flag down on the narrow groove to the bottom of the folding radius of the flag. This may be the trip mechanism.


    slowly unrolling the line out of your ground with the aid of a hand. Avoid pulling very fast or will turn up the actual flag. Continue unrolling fast you during the time that you want from the reel.


    Place each tip-up over the top of the hole and delay. Grasp the tip-up plus pull up once flag flies away. Reel in your line to create your Striper. Remove the fish and repeat the previous steps to completely reset your trap.

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