How to Put in an Eagle 300 Fishfinder

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How to Put in an Eagle 300 Fishfinder. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to Put in an Eagle 300 Fishfinder”. Hopefully this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to Put in an Eagle 300 Fishfinder

Eagle 300 Fishfinder may be a device that makes use of sonar technology to help you to detect fish. In cases where installed and utilized properly, the fishfinder will let you return home with the abundant catch after the day of sportfishing. The Eagle 300 Fishfinder includes diagonal screen and also a depth capability approximately 600 feet along with 800 watts with power. Correct assembly will demand careful planning as well as setup of both transducer and sonar product.



    Mount your current Eagle 300 system and plan the route for those cables for the actual transducer and potential. You can place the gps device in any convenient spot like from the overhead or near the top of the dash on your boat. Planning the location before hand ensures that you could have enough cable in your desired set way up.


    Assemble your transducer by mounting it in the transom and observing the mounting holes by using a pencil.


    Align the transducer for the transom and tool the holes to require the two. Firm up the bracket’s installation screws and close up with sealant. Remember to pick a location for the actual transducer where it will likely be in the water constantly at a spot having a smooth flow associated with current. Turbulence and bubbles could very well cause interference together with the sonar’s reading.


    Route all the transducer cable in your Eagle 300 equipment and connect both. Avoid routing the particular transducer cable by other wiring included to eliminate electrical noise from engine wiring and be careful when routing your cables around wiring.


    Attach the cable in your boat’s power buss or on to the battery. Plug in you should fishing.

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