How to use a Dirt Auger for Ice drilling

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How to use a Dirt Auger for Ice drilling . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How to use a Dirt Auger for Ice drilling “. We hope this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

How to use a Dirt Auger for Ice drilling

 How to use a Dirt Auger Drill to help Ice

augers are usually mostly used holes in the ground for installing piles. augers are also included by fishermen to drill cracks in thick ice. Traditional ice-fishermen were in the Drill past forced to find an active hole in glaciers or cut with the ax or search. Auger machines work similar to a drill, but switching to slower connections.



    Set-up your stuff in the area where you want to fish. make sure that the ice is thick enough to back up your body weight plus the weight of the fishing party. ice should be at least three to sure you make 4-inch thick, so you can safely support the weight of an average man.


    Brush away snow or debris from the ice.


    Turn the auger. Pull the start cord and choke until the engine begins to change.


    Keep the auger control and even touch the auger vertical positioning right on the ice. When performing a hand drill, turn the crank and quickly wore special hole.


    Press the start trigger and motivate down with pressure for the mortar breaches of this ice. Repeat pushing pulling it straight down and back up to the auger makes your hole.

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