How you can Jig for Yellowtail

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How you can Jig for Yellowtail. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How you can Jig for Yellowtail”. We hope this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

How you can Jig for Yellowtail

When jigging regarding yellowtail, it is important to utilize a line that provides a high test rate so your fish doesn’t flee with your jig. A test distinctive line of at least 15 lb .. used with some drag reel may improve your likelihood of landing one in sport fishing’s most powerful game fish. Yellowtail often nourish themselves on squid and is going to choose only squid even though other options can be purchased, so fishing using a squid jig can help you land you a good whopper.



    Anchor your boat in the event the ocean depth becomes about 200 little feet. Release the line onto your rod until this jig reaches the of the water.


    Point your rod at the 45-degree angle all the way to the ocean and reel in your slack. Lift the rod up within the air 4 or possibly 5 feet and be able to return it towards starting position.


    Repeat the jigging about times and consequently quickly reel nside your line. The yellowtail are able to swim faster as opposed to speed in that you simply retrieve your set.


    Continue to reel when the fish has injured the hook. As soon as the fish swims removed from the boat, pull up and back about the rod to set in place the hook.

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