How you can Mount a Fish Finder on the Trolling Motor

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How you can Mount a Fish Finder on the Trolling Motor. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “How you can Mount a Fish Finder on the Trolling Motor”. Hopefully this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

How you can Mount a Fish Finder on the Trolling Motor

In supplement to helping fisherman find fish, fish finders can perform valuable information with regards to underwater structures, base type and drinking water temperature. Many boats are made with a sportfishing platform or seat in the front of the vessel, and a bow-mounted trolling motor the fact that fisherman can command while fishing. Placing a fish finder when it reaches this location — using the transducer mounted to the trolling motor — consists of the underwater awareness and boat maneuverability required to catch that trophy perch.



    Examine the transducer given your fish finder to be certain it is planned for trolling motor installing. Some models, including Garmin Fishfinder 300C, feature a standard transducer which might be mounted on a fabulous trolling motor. Different manufacturers, such mainly because Humminbird, make an extraordinary transducer for that use, or have access to a special mounting area that attaches its standard transducer for a trolling motor. The transducer or bracket ought to have a curved upper surface to put the rounded trolling car, and a workable pipe clamp to help you secure it set up.


    Place the transducer at the bottom of all the trolling motor and additionally secure it aided by the pipe clamp. Place it near the midst of the motor, behind any b and well free of the propeller. Make sure when the motor is during the operating place, the transducer is pointing along toward the bottom level.


    Route that transducer cable up following the trolling motor base. Secure it constantly in place with plastic conductor ties every 6-8 inches. Be sure that this cable has no slack round the motor housing in order that it cannot get caught with the propeller. Continue routing the cable towards the location of a fish finder exhibit unit. Be sure in order to leave enough slack inside the cable in order that the trolling motor are generally raised, lowered and even operated without presenting the cable. Loop the cable and secure it having a plastic cable put. Do not cut the surplus cable — it is not spliced, and cutting it’s going to void the perch finder’s warranty.


    Mount all the fish finder display unit at a location convenient with the fisherman and put the transducer cable to display unit. While using boat in the tank, test the fish finder to verify it is getting a good signal from transducer. Loosen any clamp holding typically the transducer and vary it if vital.

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