Ideas & Tricks intended for Banjo Minnows

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Ideas & Tricks intended for Banjo Minnows . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ideas & Tricks intended for Banjo Minnows “. Hopefully this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Ideas & Tricks intended for Banjo Minnows

 Tips & Steps Banjo Minnows

Banjo Minnows his lures used for many alternatives, so you can real fish. the little rubbery minnows are made to really look and capture the imagination of larger fish because the food. when they are in the water and tore the right way, they manage to swim and move like a real fish likely, especially in colorless or turbid marine environments. used for almost every good sweet or sea fishing, there are several suggestions to be used, which allows the full fishery potential of your Banjo Minnows to deliver.


    Close all minnow correctly hook, delivered using the obligatory rubber band with the fish. This allows minnow slicing the water with a realistic appearance, and the motion does not interfere during use of the hook. Do not directly penetrate the special hook because the body of the minnow, meant to detract from its catch the attention of the larger fish.

Water Clarity

    The clearer the stream, the less delightful Banjo Minnow is larger fish. By making use of the lure in cloudy or muddy water improves ordinary day-to-day high, and life-like appearance in the small minnow.


    Do not allow the bait slowly along the water course, although this would still be used to catch fish. Imitate the movements of your wounded fish occasionally giving small shocks with the rod, and the bait is in the water. Pull up slightly and are capable of the line are too slack, gradually increasing the tension on the water again, because the fish backtrack unwinds.


    When bites a new fish, tend not to yank the rod up at once, but leave the bait to stay in the oral cavity of the fish . Often, fish bite the bait, but the hook is not likely to make the lips. Since a short period between the time the fish bites the bait, of course, if you jerk the rod to the greater capture the prospect of a perch protected.

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