Learn How to Catch Crayfish & Crawdads

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Learn How to Catch Crayfish & Crawdads . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn How to Catch Crayfish & Crawdads “. We hope this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn How to Catch Crayfish & Crawdads

 How to help you catch crayfish & Crawdads

lobsters are usually crawdads or just crawfish. These crustaceans like lobsters and crabs using their paws, claws and soft bodies deep in hard cover. crayfish live in very fresh water, breathe through gills, and therefore also the “poor guy lobster “, while lobster look, but catching crayfish are certainly more easily accessible. has a pleasant pastime for some. catch crayfish and crawdads living in freshwater lakes and streams with a simple technique direction lure them to catch them then.



    Select the hunting area where the water is shallow enough to help you see the floor – about 12, so you can 18inch heavy Look for natural debris on the bottom of typical the lake or. stream – things such as rocks, sticks, along with leaves provide areas where hunting obscure the crayfish.


    Cut a 1/2-inch post of hot dog.


    Thread the string through the yarn needle and tie a knot excessive guarantees from the cord. Insert the needle through the center of the piece of hot dog and pull a string until the knot is against the flesh. Can the needle on the string.


    Tie each end of the string to the end of this stick.


    stand around edge of the water, so you never water longer than necessary to disturb. Keep the stick with the bait derived from one hand and fishing net in the other. Very slowly the hot dog chunk across the water to the crayfish appeal using the hide.


    Watch this hot dog chunk closely so you will discover when a crayfish is designed to grab them. When visiting a crayfish emerged from hiding, shovel along with the fishing net, so you can capture it.


    Explain to keep the crayfish in a bucket of cold water.

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