Learn how to Struck Pro Flex Phantom fish

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Learn how to Struck Pro Flex Phantom fish . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Learn how to Struck Pro Flex Phantom fish “. i hope that this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Learn how to Struck Pro Flex Phantom fish

 How to make sure you Attack Pro Flex Phantom

Contract Phantom Strike Pro is actually a lure that can be divided into messages for added convenience. There are a few bars Flex Phantom seen the smallest being 3/4 ounce. of. , the medium of dimensions 1 1/8 ounce. of. the large bait weighs about 3 oz .. the segmented off road bicycle chain body reasons, in a realistic movement of the fish snake back and forth. the lip belonging to the front side makes it possible to hiding the symptoms as it has picked up.



    Rig solve your current rod and fishing reel as usual. Use the best button on the Flex Phantom on all of your fishing line. Start using a slightly heavier line for that bigger lure the way it will play a larger size fish to put on.


    Crank the real ace in later after casting around buildings in the area, such as logs located next to docks and / or weedy edges and additionally nearby. If this system proves to be fruitless, try getting and then stop. This ensures that the temptation direction dive down, after which you can rise slowly in the direction of the surface as everyone stop. The increased movement can monitor irresistible for pike.


    Try the fish to a lure. Here, you will tear the tip of your rod to people, move the special rod tip back, reeling in the slack while you do that. You can snazzy jerk the rod sideways between rollers for the purpose of additional movement.

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