Lessard wins Crown at Hobie Fishing Worlds

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 Lessard wins Crown at Hobie Fishing Worlds . Hi  all of fishing lovers, Today's post is "
 Lessard wins Crown at Hobie Fishing Worlds ". i hope that this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

 Lessard wins Crown at Hobie Fishing Worlds 

 Hobie fishing HFW6 "title =" lessard_and_somerton_jpg_1200x9999__generated "/> <figcaption class= The US and Australia Steve Lessard Richard Somerton congratulate one another on the Hobie Fishing World Championship Photo courtesy of Hobie Fishing Worlds

Oceanside, CA - .. december 11 2016 - After some fish, fun and friendships a few cold ones in combination with shrimp and crawfish, eleven North American Cup Team members got back to their respective states of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. it represented the United States and Canada for the sixth annual Hobie Fishing World Championship (HFW6) by Rhino-Rack ™ and hosted by Hobie Cat® Company. Anglers either qualified through regional tournaments or were invited to fish the crowning event held 08-10 december. Participants from 17 countries for the chance to be crowned this year Hobie Fishing world Champion to live. After three days of challenging windy conditions, Steve Lessard rightly claim the prize. Just as soon as handshakes, camaraderie and celebrations were over, but the other competitors started planning how the crown of them could be on the 7th Hobie Fishing World Championship. (Date and location to be announced.) [1945901million]

Richard Somerton represent Australia walked away with a hard fought second place. Matthew US Vann around the stage with his third place.

All participants fished for trout, flounder and redfish from identically rigged Hobie Pro Angler 14 Mirage® & # 39; s, provided by Hobie Cat Company and equipped with Lowrance® Electronics, Power Pole® MICRO ™ Anchors, Yak attack, this accessories, Ram Mounts and equipment, including Daiwa, Lurefacs, Hobie polarized and AFTCO gear.

Bassmaster Elite pro Michael Iaconelli - Ike his legions of fans - surprised the 49 international competitors when he arrived at the welcome dinner to encourage them. "Unlike the games that I'm involved in, kayak fishing is more strategy, because it is very different and difficult to pedal to the fish than race than in a motorized boat," said Ike. Participants were given a double surprise when he returned to congratulate Steve on his victory and to take part in the fellowship, which is an integral part of the Hobie Worlds.

 Hobie fishing HFW6 "width =" 640 "height =" 430 "srcset =" http://fishing-tips.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Lessard_ridinghigh_png_1200x9999__generated.png 640W, http: //kayakfishingblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Lessard_ridinghigh_png_1200x9999__generated-150x101.png 150w, http://kayakfishingblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Lessard_ridinghigh_png_1200x9999__generated-600x403.png 600w "size =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px "/> </a> <figcaption class= Steve Lessard, HFW6 Champ, is lifted by fellow competitors celebrates his victory photo courtesy of Hobie Fishing Worlds

Located in the bayous of southern Louisiana, 90 minutes from New Orleans, Lafourche Parish is the gateway to Cajun Country and the Gulf of Mexico, offering a clear Louisiana "bayou" way of life and unforgettable experience for both US and international competitors. and then there's the fishing. According Hobie & # 39; s Keeton Eoff, this can be easily kayak fishing capital of the world.

"We are very proud that Hobie Fishing Worlds chose their international tournament in Leeville this year. One of the best assets of Lafourche Parish is the world-class fishing, and Hobie fishermen have been able to experience what makes us area so exceptional. the visibility of this tournament on a national and international level can see potential visitors to the recreational value of our destiny and why they should experience it firsthand, "said Timothy P. Bush, executive director of the Bayou Lafourche area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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