Methods to Catch a Creek Chub

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Methods to Catch a Creek Chub. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to Catch a Creek Chub”. Hopefully this informative article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to Catch a Creek Chub

How to be able to Catch a Creek Chub

Creek chubs are an area of the minnow family and can turn into 12 inches extensive, but on everyday are 3 so that you can 6 inches much time. The creek chub possesses an olive color off its back, by means of silver sides. Additionally there is a blackish stripe occurring down the sides in the creek chub, on top of the silver. Creek chubs are sometimes used as the lure to catch bigger fish that include catfish, bass, perch plus black crappie. They can be found in rivers but are recognized by live in wetlands.



    Lightweight poles are advisable use for watching creek chubs.
    Lightweight poles are preferable to use for capturing creek chubs.

    Tie all the 6 hook tightly to end of the fishing line.


    Fishing bobbers provide a little weight on your line.
    Fishing bobbers give your little weight for the line.

    Attach a little bobber to all the line by pressing the the top bobber. Put the line towards the metal loupe end of it of the bobber. Release the the top of bobber. The bobber really should be at least 10 to make sure you 12 inches over the hook.


    Maggots are gross to look at but are an excellent option for catching creek chubs.
    Maggots are gross to take care of but are beneficial to catching creek chubs.

    Attach a maggot on the hook by setting the hook inside the bottom of the actual maggot and falling the hook through which the the top of maggot. Make sure all the maggot covers the end of the fishing hook.


    Cast your line to the water and simply wait. When the bobber commences to jerk, pull your pole inside an upward motion to help snag the creek chub. Really do not jerk your line too much. This will hurt or injure the chub producing bleeding and usually death.


    Fill the minnow bucket by means of creek water. Gently take away the chub from typically the hook and put it into the minnow suitable container.

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