Methods to Walk the Dog Which has a Spinning Rod

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Methods to Walk the Dog Which has a Spinning Rod. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Methods to Walk the Dog Which has a Spinning Rod”. i hope that this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Methods to Walk the Dog Which has a Spinning Rod

How to Walk your pet With a Rewriting Rod

Walking your dog is a fishing technique employed to present floating baits atop the top of water. When carried out properly, the technique ends up in a lure the fact that moves along the top of water with a large, side-to-side wobble. Walking canine with a spinning rod is very popular among striped bass fishermen, but may be used by anglers outdoor top-water lures for many fish species.



    Select a new spinning rod along with reel. The perfect rod length will be 6. 5 or maybe 7 feet. Weight the reel with the help of 10- or 12-pound mono-filament outdoor line.


    Tie the floating top-water lure with the end of any line. Cigar-shaped stick trap lures are most beneficial for walking your new puppy.


    Cast all the lure out; close the bale with the reel; and anticipate the rings around the water to go away. Point your rods tip toward the at a 45 college degree angle.


    Spin the handle belonging to the reel to begin winding with the lure. As that you’re reeling, twitch the fly fishing rod tip slightly left, and then to your right. You should flip the handle about one-quarter of an full revolution using each twitch, taking on any slack sections before twitching a bait again. To keep up this motion until that lure is oh no – the boat, and take into account the lure should move laterally more than the software moves toward you will.


    Change the cadence on your retrieve on occasion. The sudden switch in speed could possibly trigger a sea food into biting.

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