Selecting a Topwater!

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Selecting a Topwater! . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Selecting a Topwater! “. Hopefully this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Selecting a Topwater!


In the hybrid section, I will talk about a few changes that I make lures popper style to make them more attractive. I generally in favor of the walk-the-dog style plugs when fishing topwater. Poppers have specific applications that make them more useful and effective. I prefer poppers in dirty water. If you do not have to worry about the fish also get a good look at the lure of the strike zone narrower she is an excellent choice. For fishing cold water or slow moving parts of the vertebrae behind rive lay downs they are great choices.

night fishing is another area excel as poppers. This is especially true when fishing deep clear water where the fish are to be “called” to draw a strike. In very early spring and late autumn, I use popper style lures more than any other time. I also like the mouth of Popper lures to match my cutting a groove on each side of the abdomen and then rinse create the temptation on the surface of a waggle and works similar to a wake bait. The Rapala Skitter Pop, Pop R Excalibur and similar hollow mouth baits are ideal for this presentation.

Walk the Dog

Rapala Skitterwalks, Zara Spooks and Lucky Craft topwaters are my absolute favorites. This walk-the-dog lures are effective throughout the year at many locations. I focus mostly on the use of these baits if I’m aggressive fish and treating water. They can be fished at different rhythms and that adds a lot of versatility to the presentations that you can use with these lures. Fish these baits around submerged wood, rocks, vegetation and other structures. However, do not overlook these bait fish channel down ridges and open bags of thick surface vegetation. Choose a walk-the-dog style baits if you do not want the fish to get a good look at the bait, when you try too much water and each time it is clear that nourish cover the aggressive fish. Use your solunar data to identify peak periods of activity and focus this presentation at this time. Every time your circumstances where low light and cloudy sky with these peak periods you have the formula for an effective topwater fishing of this style.


Bass eats frogs, period. They eat a frog, even if they are not hungry. I am a self confessed topwater fanatic. Nowhere is that more evident than when I tie on a frog. I’m like a little kid when I fish frog. I can imagine getting hammered every second that I’m working on the surface. Dragging a frog over a range of water lilies is the holy grail of bass fishing for me. I can catch big fish a lot of different ways, but I love catching bass on a frog. Holly body frogs are my favorite choice for this type of fishing. I love the use of the Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog created by Wonderland for faster more aggressive fish. If I know that there are big bass around and they are very selective I switch to the custom frogs by Capt Ken Daubert. I had plenty of bass follow other frogs to take the kayak and refuse. After spending a few minutes to settle back to give in their den, I make a follow-up presentation and they have to demolish Ken’s frog. These frogs are not cheap, but they are the best frog that you can find to convince to eat a big bass.

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