Simple methods to maintain a Trophy Catch Mounting

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Simple methods to maintain a Trophy Catch Mounting . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Simple methods to maintain a Trophy Catch Mounting “. i hope that this article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Simple methods to maintain a Trophy Catch Mounting

 How able a Trophy Catch Assembly Preserve

Finally, look at that trophy you can have fished for your life gives you a great feeling. you’re sure you want to buy mounted, but how do you keep it long enough to do to get it into the hands of your taxidermist without compromising furniture and characteristics that belong to the fish



     to take pictures for that taxidermist

    After landing the fish, the first thing you should do is take pictures of it. Fish can loosened their color after a few minutes, so taking detailed pictures of the fish can help taxidermist when considering the time mnt your trophy.


    If imaginable, keep the fish in a live well until you can get off of the river. Keeping the Muskie alive and healthy in the belief that it makes possible later maintaining it a lot easier.


    While interested in a reputable taxidermist, you should freeze your perch. Get a soggy towel and gently begin packing the fish. Place the fins with the body to ensure that they can be slippery and washboard.


    Place the fish wrapped in a freezer bag and make an effort to remove all the air from the bag. Close the bag with freezer recording and place your trophy in the freezer. Your fish probably should not be freezer burned in such a way, and it will be prepared for the taxidermist.

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