Simple ways to use copper for just a Downrigger

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Simple ways to use copper for just a Downrigger . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Simple ways to use copper for just a Downrigger “. Hopefully this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Simple ways to use copper for just a Downrigger

 How to use copper in many Downrigger

Once downriggers were invented allowing fishermen fishing lures troll deep beneath the finish, the old-time techniques for carpet cleaning deep trolls, for example using stained foundation line or use the services of heavy weights in wire path were put offside. Downriggers still nice work, but many anglers now use rods and reels set with copper wire to get their controlled bait in the strike zone with deep-swimming fish. using copper cable some wonderful rig required and tactic to obtain optimum performance.




    Spool 100 showrooms to try out 50 pound braided polyester line on a significant capacity fish fishery reel. How big depends on copper along the line you have planned to use. A rule of thumb is a reel reviewed adhering to the same time 50-pound test monofilament line you have 45-pound test line broker or 30-pound test monofilament use if you are 30-pound test copper mineral using select line.


    Wrap a measured duration of copper line in the reel. The space you choose is dependent on the depth you want your lure to troll. The actual depth will be reached applied somewhat lure PC to change trolling and acceleration, but in general, 30-pound test water pipes will be a lure in a downrig 5: 1 ratio; For example, 100 feet of copper may be tempted 20 foot great position. Forty-five pound test copper sinks in the 3. 5: 1 ratio.


    Binding some fluorocarbon on the leader of the wire line water pipes with the aid of a special knot Albright. The effectiveness of the conductor is dependent on the size and tenacity are among the fish catch you. The length of the leader depends on personal preference. Almost all fishermen 10 to 30 feet to assist in connection with the leader.


    Thread the top of the leader material due to the guides of the fly rod and use a Palomar knot important to ensure that you bind the temptation on the leader.


    Thread the bottom of the leader material due to the guides of the fly rod and use a new Palomar knot to ensure that you bind the temptation with the leader.

Trolling Through copper pipe


    Engage typically the boats engine do not forget to adjust the throttle and quickly get the boat trips at the right speed , usually between 2 together with 3 miles per hour.


    Let the lure into the water from the stern of the boat.


    Unspool much of the copper line there are different roles and continue to further line, so that the knot between the special copper line, not to mention braided line support is actually at the top of the water.
    Situation rod in the rod holder not to mention keep trolls and soon you hook a muskie.

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