Slow How Do I fish a jig in Winter?

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Slow How Do I fish a jig in Winter? . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Slow How Do I fish a jig in Winter? “. i hope that this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Slow How Do I fish a jig in Winter?

 winter jig fishing

 winter jig fishing

How slowly I must fish a jig in the winter? I had that question dozens of times before I really knew the answer. Sure, countless hours jig fishing had taught me in water temperatures below 40 the break well above the slow drag, and forget hopping. But one day in particular, really opened my eyes to what the crawfish jig that imitates doing in cold water.

The temperature of the water that day was between 36 and 37 degrees. Hopping out to relieve myself, I noticed what I assumed was a shell crayfish in the shallow water. But when I picked it up, it was not hollow, and it moved. It moved so imperceptibly slow that I wanted to put my jig side by side with the real McCraw.

Filming the jig side by side with the crop for a Winter River Smallmouth DVD, I finally admitted to myself that I could not work it slowly enough. Every move I made with the mold was too jerky to the slow clumsy movements of the crawfish I caught passes. Check out the video link below and you’ll see what I mean.

So that leaves us with the mystery slower than we can fish. The answer is that you do what works: deadsticking and hope that a fish in the area, saw it descend to the bottom, and finally gets it. Even if they wander over to your jig that does not mean
guarantees a snack.

 little slow jig
Jeff Little with a Winter jig fish

Two things that your chances of getting that cold water jig bite: 1. Round rubber 2. Scent will improve the molds that I bind feature skirt layered with a thin silicone with brown or black. round rubber. same springy legs tiers put creatures like grasshopper flies fly very well on a jig. the movement of these old school material is eternal. it’s cheap stuff, too. Tie some on a jig head, put it in your sink and see how long it takes for the round rubber stop strands moving.

that kind built in motion without having to abandon the temptation is so close to what a cold head real as we can invent. the next step is to make it smell good, so that’s a close-up inspection of a winter largemouth or smallmouth produces a hit. Over the years I have used Smelly Jelly Mega Strike and other pasta-based scents. One that I’ve started using recently and really hot liquid Mayhem. It is not as long as Mega Strike, but the bass are the conservation of the bait a long time in their mouths. That means that even if I was not the first suctioning feel in my jig, I feel the beating of the bass and the hook can put firmly.

So if you do not get what this winter on a mold, chances are that you are moving too fast. And if you move slowly and not get bit, you need to stop each other to move it all, and have faith in the inherent motion instead of a mold and the smell will seal the deal.

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