Steps to Create a Nightcrawler Shocker

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Steps to Create a Nightcrawler Shocker . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Steps to Create a Nightcrawler Shocker “. We hope this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Steps to Create a Nightcrawler Shocker

 How carryout a Nightcrawler Shocker

Nightcrawlers have, better known as earthworms, are a popular form of lure for fishing There are several ways to acquire Nightcrawlers ;. they can easily be purchased at any fishing retailer or dug directly but from the ground, to the more adventurous angler, the “shock. method “a unique option. This procedure involves the use of electric-priced metal rods to send a shock into the ground, causing worms in the surface where they are collected with ease.



     Start using a
    Start with a discarded electric wire.

    Take the finale of your electrical cord no plug, with two strands pull direction with respect to 13 inches quite long.


    Strip all the plastic shell carefully from each follicle with a forceps. Continue until about 3 in. wire really be exposed.


    wrap one exposed wire much around one end each metal rods not less than five times.


    Wrap around 8 inches in duct tape around the wire wrapped part of each bar to ensure no slip the wires.


    Cover your entire wire wrapped around, including the top of the main metal rod through electrical tape.


    Explain any other metal rod with regard to 8 inches in your own land 10 so you 12 inches of space between them.


    Connect to hit a cord into an outlet, and listen to the pole. Wait worms out of the ground.


    Remove any power outlet and acquire the worms.

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