The best way to Jig With Lead-Headed Jigs

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The best way to Jig With Lead-Headed Jigs. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The best way to Jig With Lead-Headed Jigs”. i hope that this article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

The best way to Jig With Lead-Headed Jigs

How to help Jig With Lead-Headed Jigs

Few doing some fishing lures can match up the versatility in lead-headed jigs. Jigs are generally retrieved through the lake to look such as a minnow, hopped along side bottom in 2-foot bounces to seek like a about to die minnow or dragged around the bottom to appear as if a crayfish. Jigs catch gameplay fish species among crappies and sunfish in order to muskies and walleyes — there are actually no limitations that will how anglers jig accompanied by a lead-headed jig.



    Select any lead-headed jig. One of the best selection parameter may be to choose by excess weight, and you should utilize a jig that can be sufficiently heavy to have your bait to the bottom. Smaller jigs while in the range of 1/32 oz of. to 1/16 ounces. are best to get crappies and sunfish, although 1/8-oz. to 1/2-oz. lures are best regarding bass and walleyes. The most significant jigs — many above an oz — are top for muskies and additionally pike.


    Use any Palomar knot (see “Resources”) to help tie the jig to your end of that line.


    Choose the bait. Some anglers prefer artificial attracts and thread any grub, paddle pursue or plastic earthworms onto their lures. Others adorn him or her with leeches and minnows. If the fish commonly are not biting too nicely, choose live the lure. You will spend less time by sportfishing artificial bait when the bite is incredibly hot.


    Choose an area to fish good season and while the fish you are targeting are situated. From shallow to make sure you deep, jigs operate anywhere.


    Cast an individual’s jig and watch for it to hit the underside. Raise your rod tip to 12 o’clock placement, and then reel on the line as you actually lower it to help 9 o’clock. Repeat that process because you retrieve the jig into the boat. Another good jigging method could be to fish over a new school of sea food, or an area where people think fish are, and allow the jig fall best below the sail boat. Raise and lower that rod tip in order to impart action upon the jig. Experience how quickly you’ll be able to raise and cheaper the jig.


    Drop ones rod tip slightly every fish bites. Set the hook inside an upward motion that has a sharp wrist take.

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