The right way to Catch Cod Fish

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The right way to Catch Cod Fish. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The right way to Catch Cod Fish”. i hope that this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

The right way to Catch Cod Fish

How to make sure you Catch Cod Fish

Cod may be a fish that lives from the cold waters on the Atlantic Ocean. Cod can bodyweight ten pounds if not more and many professional veterans routinely catch cod who are 50 pounds and heavier. There are generally cod caught with over 200 pounds also. Cod fishing is often a favorite past time for lots of fisherman who want a hassle-free yet very healthy fish. With just a couple of tips, catching cod is definitely a fun and prosperous venture.



    Take a good boat into greater, cooler water. Never go further as opposed to where your path can hit the underside, as cod experience the surf line. Access to the boat means you could get to lower water which gets you permission to access bigger cod. In a situation where there is no need a boat, find a jetty or pier which you could help you obtain deeper waters.


    Bait your current hook with tempt that cod desire. Mussels, clams, earthworms, other fish not to mention squid are the favorites. There may also be some artificial lures that can be specifically designed to help catch cod. Additionally you can combine a the lure with some new bait.


    Cast your line in a area that has got wreckage or many other features, like some sort of rocky bottom. Cod plan to hide among stumbling-blocks. Get your line to visit as on the bottom as conceivable as cod prefer in which to stay colder water, that’s usually at any furthest depths.


    Reel on your line slowly. In cases where a fish pulls, jerk the line so your hook sets into your fish and will begin to reel in. Allow me to explain catch a sea food, your line will come back to you to recast.


    Ice any cod until you are prompted to cut and wash for eating. If you don’t keep it, return it to your ocean immediately.

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