The road to a Trot Line

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The road to a Trot Line . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The road to a Trot Line “. i hope that this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

The road to a Trot Line


 How to do a Trot Line

one of the common ways to get a trot line held away from the bank of the river and the water trot lines have mounted several hooks -. some have maybe 25 or more -. connected with seduce and let falling in water While many anglers who perform trot lines targeting catfish they could catch different fish. fish that fishermen are often generally not addressed could be released, so most fishermen using trotting track check them at least one times a day.



    Find an area in the sea with good sea food habitat. Look for features including deep holes with pools and undercut banks. Spots where all river swings are able to be good.


    Connect one end of the trot line to a stable object on the shoreline as being a stump or a bonsai. If there are no individuals, a stake driven the entire ground works for a ground anchor.


    Take the unstaked part of getting the trot line in a barrel. Motor directly away from the armature and into the river. If you go in the direction of the biggest market of the river, feeding line and bait on hooks because you get to these people. Night crawlers are generally a good all-around bait. Strips of minnows also work.


    Binding amount of nylon line with a milk jug. The line length depends on the detail of the river; it should always be long enough for you to barbs above two under suspend a foot as well. Bind the connecting line for the trot line about a quarter of the way between the trot path that is also onshore, the end must be anchored in particular river.


    Let every hook and bait in the river as everyone continue to drive away. Once you travel to the end, tie a 2-foot section of rope to the closure of the trot path. Binding a cinder block – as well as a 1-liter milk bucket full of concrete – to the other end of which belong to the rope. Drop the point and trot line at the bottom.


    usually check the trot line at least once every 24 hours.

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