Tuna Doing some fishing in New Zealand

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Tuna Doing some fishing in New Zealand . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Tuna Doing some fishing in New Zealand “. i hope that this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Tuna Doing some fishing in New Zealand

 Day Tuna fishing in New Zealand

the Off -shore tuna fishing industry could be priced at about $ 2 billion a year, and New Zealand is a really important role in this market due to robust tuna stock option plan. Thanks to the popularity of TV programs For example, Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Pick-up,” interest in the fishing industry industry is increasing. Fortunately, recreational fishermen in principle or visit Unique Zealand can go through the thrill of landing merit an example of this enormous fish availability associated with charter boat charter professional sand captainsin many different places.

West Coast

    In the southern hemisphere cold months (July to September), the central western side coast of South Island Unique Zealand would be the place to prove for Pacific bluefin tuna sport fishing to become . The World Wild animals Fund (WWF) Listings Pacific bluefin tuna as a species at risk due to overfishing, so be careful of catch limits if you choose to pursue these species.

Bay connected islands

    yellowfin perhaps the species that sail most associated with the Bay of Islands, a popular holiday and fishing area in the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island . Weighing as much as 70 kg, reaching lengths of up to two meters, and able to swim in the rates of speed of almost 50 kmh (30 mph), the yellowfin tuna is really a prize catch for just about every angler. The southern hemisphere summer and early fall months months (late December to early June) is the time to hunt tuna in the Bay of Iss.


    Known for the stunning natural beauty of Milford Tone, the isolated southwestern district giveaway South Island Fiordland has some impressive tuna fishing. According to the magazine New Zealand reef fish News, Southern Bluefin Tuna tunanot to be confused with any Pacific bluefinarrive in December, and “the only sport fishing on their behalf in the Fiordland region.”

Other tuna Race and locations

    The additional tuna species evident in New Zealand are mostly albacore, skipjack tuna in addition to bigeye tuna. Albacore Much sought regarding delicious tasteare found in all directions New Zealand in the summer months. Small (10 kg, with below) skipjack is a more migratory species in the first place in the summer around the particular North Island. Bigeye tuna will be more of a deep-sea species, but can be caught in the north of New Zealand choppy waters in the summer.


    The much larger tuna species can be extremely dangerous, unless you have the ideal equipment and health and safety gear, and some can fight all day to die . Not trying to catch these fish on your ownespecially if you are inexperienced in big-game fishing are just offshore.

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