VIDEO: Landing a Double Digit bass from a kayak

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VIDEO: Landing a Double Digit bass from a kayak . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “VIDEO: Landing a Double Digit bass from a kayak “. Hopefully this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

VIDEO: Landing a Double Digit bass from a kayak

 Stevie Double Digit Bass

 Stevie Double Digit Bass

I do not often fish tournaments, but when I do, I want to watch my teammates lands double digit bass from a kayak . Let me explain.

I usually work behind the scenes at tournaments. I love the atmosphere, the urgency, but I enjoy it more when I’m in more control, like the judges table. I think it’s a nice balance of fishing and tournaments that works for me and keeps my pleasure fishing time instead of constantly prefishing. This weekend was a little different. Our team of five was fishing Team Toad Slam event on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, so we could represent the Ft. Hood chapter of Heroes on the Water.

The event format was five person teams and one fish a teammate for the five best fish. One of our teammates decided to set the bar not once, but twice. Early in the morning, Nicole Stevie landed a 15 inch fish, followed by a 22.5-inch fish before any of us were on the board. That was a great start for her and we were focused on the pattern they used and the area to try to get some fish to land ourselves.

I paddled next to her and she told me she was going to change bait. I watched her switch off, make a cast and then it happened.

“I have a hit!”
“What? Already?” I asked.
“Yes.” And then they put the hook.

Her spinning reel started screaming and the sleigh ride was on.

One of the rules of the tournament, no additional aid indicated can be given to the fisherman, while landing or measure the fish. I kept yelling at Bryan, her husband, the urge to help resist. Stevie had her just lost about half an hour before tackling the 22.5-inch fish. They would have these fish countries on its own

Once the surface we all knew that this was a breach of the sample had a mouth like a laundry basket I kept saying… “Do not lose. Do not lose it. “

She lipped double-digit bass, a 10 pound two ounce beast, from measured 25.25 inches. Wow!

The best part of it all, her husband caught it all on video. Want to see it?

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