Ways to keep fish as a Kayak

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 How Fish preserved when inside the kayak to keep fish as a Kayak . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways

 How Fish preserved when inside the kayak to keep fish as a Kayak “. We hope this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.


 How Fish preserved when inside the kayak to keep fish as a Kayak

Kayak doing some fishing can fish the fisherman across open water, but available breathing space is limited for holding fish when the boat is full of material. keeping your fishing needs a strategy that allows for the fresh fish, without selling to its point of ice or colder. the fish should be placed away through the range of possible predators, and the performance of the boat is not likely to slow.



    Work to install a key chain or loop-style stringer toward the anchor aft programs. chain stringers are actually ideal, because it is easy to hook the bass, without adjusting which stringer. Let the fish dangling into the water to save the flesh. Tug paddle fish on the boat. do not use do not make this method in case you fish in shark-infested oceans.


    Add a new dry box in a miniature cooler. Place ice in the box, and storing your fish with respect to the ice cream. Big fish need clean before being stored in box. Place the cleaned fish in a plastic bag before storing on ice.


    Strap minute cooler on the stern of the storage space with a bungee rope. You need to reduce the length of gear you consider. Clean a big fish in order to relieve weight and to ensure that it is suitable in the cooler. Keep the fish plastic bags in the cooler. Place enough ice in the cooler last a whole day.


    Paddle for every time you hold a stripper shore. Keep a large cooler on the side. Dump to bring the fish in the cooler and back to the water. This limits you travel a lot, but also keeps the kayak light and clean.


    Keep the fish on the larger boat if you are in the open water of the river. Use a motor boat on open water, but fish come out of your kayak. Return to the big boat for you to fish store in refrigerator or a cooler family. This technique is often used by many substantial game fishermen.

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