Ways to Rig for Cod Fish

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Ways to Rig for Cod Fish. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to Rig for Cod Fish”. We hope this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to Rig for Cod Fish

How in order to Rig for Cod Fish

Cod is among the most most popular water fish that fishers target. In improvement to its family value, cod is really a desirable food sea food, and cod meat is often served in establishments and sold at markets. Cod meat is actually white and flaky, without worrying about the “fishy” taste that some folk find offensive. If you want to goal cod, there are one or two primary rigging options.



    Decide whether you ought to fish with are living bait or having a jig. Jigging is often a more active method to fishing for cod, while live-bait outdoor essentially involves reducing the rig into the bottom and looking forward to a bite.


    Tie at a live-bait rig. The commonest rig involves, because it helps, a weight that is definitely heavy enough to hold the rig to the bottom, a 50-lb. that will 100-lb. monofilament innovator, and two capacity 6/0 hooks around 18 inches separated. Use a dropper knot (see Resources) to install the hooks for the line. Bait the tow hooks with clams as well as drop the rig in the bottom. Make sure this rig stays about the bottom as you might be fishing. On live-bait rigs, cod bites will think that a peck or possibly a steady tug.


    Rig pertaining to jigging. Tie a dropper loop knot in the line (see Resources) in addition to attach a 6/0 hook into the dropper knot. Slide a 4-inch to be able to 6-inch plastic worm with the hook. This is known as your “teaser. ” Tie within the end of the line much enough jig to sort through the bottom speedily. The jig really should have a marabou or simply flasher skirt. Jig the rig simply by lifting your pole tip until it happens to be nearly vertical, after which drop it backtrack toward the waters.

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