2019 Lake Chickamauga Preview

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2019 Lake Chickamauga Preview

April 24, 2019 by Kyle Wood.

Chickamauga Lake

Dayton, Tenn.

May 2-5, 2019

Organized by Fish Dayton and Rhea Economic & Tourism Council

Presented by Evinrude

About the fishery

Located in southeastern Tennessee, Lake Chickamauga is a reservoir of the Tennessee Valley Authority at the upper end of the Tennessee River located between Watts Bar to the north and Nickajack to the south. The lake was created at the end of the Chickamauga Dam in 1940 and is named after the Chickamauga tribe of the Cherokees, who used to call the area home.

With an area of ​​almost 60 miles, Chickamauga is not the largest lake on the Tennessee River, although what it lacks in size easily compensates for the quality of the fish that reside there. While other lakes throughout the system have phenomenal fishing and an abundance of fish weighing 3 to 5 pounds, Chickamauga has that and some with the potential of a 10 pound in any cast.

Chickamauga largemouths become giants thanks to the genetics of the Florida variety in the system and because the lake contains almost everything a bass could ask for in terms of coverage and structure. The current, the stops, the large amount of aquatic vegetation, including the hydrilla, and the structure and coverage on the high seas, such as ledges and piles of thickets, provide the basses with plenty of places to hide and feed during the whole year.

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Last time

Most of the previous experience of the Tour in Chickamauga was in June, when fishing on the high seas caught fire. In June 2015, Michael Wooley won the title with 92 pounds and 4 ounces when fishing a single shell rod in Dallas Bay, however, the rest of the top 10 were mixed in some shallow and shallow patterns.

Prior to that, in 2013, Casey Martin camped out at sea in full view of Harrison Bay to transport more than 100 pounds for the W thanks in large part to an umbrella platform.

What to expect this time

At the beginning of May, Chick should provide a different look to the one we've seen the last few times. Although fish will certainly be found on the high seas, the bank could play such an important role.

FLW Cup champion Brad Knight lives on the same street and loves the potential that this event has to offer.

"The good thing about early May is that you can fish your strengths and do what you want to do," says Knight. "You can fish shallow, deep or everything. Everything from a spawn of the shadow in the morning to the deep start can play. You can not say what you should do. You can really mix it a little.

"Most of the fish should be from later spawn, but there will be some stragglers still in bed. You'll see them trapped from 1 foot to 20 feet. "

With a lot of hungry critics feeding to recover from the monster, great weights must be expected. The fishermen should be able to expand a bit, and that, hopefully, will lead to truly giant bass limits.

"This event will be much better than when we were here in June," adds Knight. "With shallow and deep fish, the lake opens more in both directions, and that's important in a lake like Chickamauga because it does not fish very big." There is no better lake to catch 10 pounds in the world, but it gets a lot of pressure. There are not many secrets in this lake anymore. "

Knight predicts that it will cost around 93 pounds to win the event and believes that we will see a lot of impressive bags of fish.

Seat belt. This should be fun to watch.

Baits and techniques

With so many ways to catch them in the game, expect to see anything from fishing in sight, targeting fry guards, shading, grass or docks, and, of course, deep-sea fishing .

Texas tackles, floating worms, spinnerbaits, swim templates and surface waters should see a lot of action for players focusing their efforts from the surface, while professionals who look deep will depend on crankbait, hair, trembling heads, swimbaits and soccer. Basically, if you catch a bass, look for the Chickamauga to throw it.

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3 critical factors

1. Weather: rain and thunderstorms are in the extended forecast for Dayton, Tennessee, in the days of the tournament, but spring is an unstable moment, and weather forecasts change constantly. If we get the weather, strong winds could be a factor to keep fishing on the high seas or fishing for the latest spawners. The rain would not be a bad thing. It could help light a shallow bite, and help those who are on the high seas if TVA starts generating current by throwing water. At this time, Chickamauga sits near the summer pool, and there is not much to change for the event. The worst case would be if TVA decided to drag the lake to prepare for the rain.

2. Block: the Watts bar will also be in play for this event, which means that the professionals will have to decide if they want to block. The Watts bar is full of 4 and 5 pounds, although the Tennessee River is famous for barge traffic on its locks, and that's an extra bet you can not control. It may be tempting to make the race to have the lake for you alone, but the risk of getting stuck behind a barge and arriving late despite it should be considered.

3. Pressure: as with any fishery, both the pressure of the Tour event and the premises can take its toll. Chickamauga is a popular vacation destination for people who hope to capture their new PB, and that adds extra pressure to the number of locals who fish it regularly. Although the whole lake should allow fishers to disperse, professionals should be able to adapt on the fly to obtain fresh fish.

Buddy Gross "src =" https://images.flwfishing.com/images/00/03/41/000341456_original_650x650.jpg

Pros to see

Right out, many eyes will be on Buddy Gross and Brad Knight due to the amount of experience and success they have in the lake. Naturally, John Cox, Scott Martin, Bryan Thrift and David Dudley will also have high expectations about them. Miles Burghoff leads the races Angler of the Year and Polaris Rookie of the Year and lives near this pond.

From there, on Sunday, Alex Davis, Ryan Salzman, Josh Douglas, Terry Bolton, Joseph Webster and Bryan Schmitt could be in the fight.

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