5 fly fishing destinations that will take your breath away

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By Jennifer Brunton

Imagine you are preparing for an incredible fly fishing adventure. You have spent some time looking for the right equipment: the perfect rod, some great flies. Now is the time to pack your gearbox, along with some abundant meals and waterproof clothing, and go on the road.

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You will experience majestic views while enjoying the peace that comes from the time you spend in a special outdoor place.


When you reach your destination early and bright, your heart rises when you see the sparkling water and breathe all that fresh air. You enter your mosquitoes and then you venture into the cold river, ready to launch your line.

Driven by the elegant lashes and windings of his line, his fly lands softly on the surface, just above a fish. Thinking that you just saw an insect above, the fish attracts you. With great satisfaction, you start collecting your first catch of the day.

Now imagine doing all that in some of the most impressive and unspoiled destinations on Earth.

"Fly fishing often takes you to beautiful places," says Scott Bowen, former editor of Field and current and collaborator of the fly fishing site MidCurrent.com. "Fish is not guaranteed to bite, but these incredible places offer other rewards."

Here are five memorable fly fishing destinations around the world. They combine world-class fishing opportunities with immaculate environments that will surprise any fisherman, of any skill level.


On the remote points of southern Argentina and Chile, marine trout swim in the mouths of wide and shallow rivers after gaining weight in the Atlantic Ocean.

These trouts are legendary both for their abundance and for their size. Fishermen are known to catch record trout over 30 pounds here.

Almost everywhere, in this sparsely populated region of endless pastures and pointed peaks it feels like its own private desert: there are only two million inhabitants in an area more than twice the size of California.

And many of Patagonia's lakes and streams, along with their famous rivers, offer long, smooth surfaces that are ideal for landing their flies.

If caring for the environment is a priority for your family, you are in luck. Extensive ecological initiatives in the region include the creation of large new extensions of green areas and strict catch and release laws on the Rio Grande River. Area guide companies, such as Nervous Waters, support these conservation efforts, ensuring that fishermen can fish for these waters for years to come.

The best fishing is in spring and summer, which means November to March in Patagonia.


With its vast landscape of high mountains and vast empty plains divided by deep forests, this largely rural country that borders Russia and China has an untamed splendor. Pure and transparent rivers and streams full of fish that cross the landlocked nation.

The elusive and powerful taimen of the region, also known as Siberian salmon, can be a tough adversary even for the best fishermen. But the sense of accomplishment in catching one of these noble creatures is certainly worth the trip. These beautiful gray and red spotted fish migrate long distances across the rivers of Mongolia, feeding as they go until they can weigh up to 100 pounds.

Fish Mongolia is a team that seeks to protect taimen habitats while guiding customers on unique fishing adventures.

The fishing season in Mongolia runs from June to October.


If you are new to saltwater fishing, the crystal floors of Belize, shallow areas along the coast, will convert you soon. There is not much that can overcome the launch of hawthorn fish, shad and permission in kilometers of turquoise water. Belize fishermen consider catching all three in one day in a Grand Slam fly fishing.

Ambergris Caye, on the Caribbean coast of the country, is as picturesque as possible. It is also full of aquatic life, which makes the view unequaled: try to land your fly where you see a fish (or where you expect it to be).

As a special green bonus for environmentally conscious travelers, Belize has been working hard to protect their environmental resources. The effort is shown on the clean beaches and healthy seas of Belize.

Both experts and newbies will find much to do in this paradise of Central American fishermen. Local family-owned shelters, such as El Pescador, offer fly fishing opportunities during the 12 months of the year.


Alaska hosts the five species of Pacific salmon, not to mention the size of a trophy (30 inches and longer), rainbow trout.

For the best backwood experience, you can hire a provider to take you on a floating plane to a virgin lake.

If you want more in terms of amenities, the secluded places offer cozy accommodations and square meals, while offering guests access to excellent fishing spots.

If you stay in Anchorage or Juneau, you can reach rivers, streams and lakes supplied in an hour by car. And some companies offer day flights to more remote locations.

You can fish the abundant population of Alaskan game fish from June to September. During those months, you can fish from very early in the morning until dawn, because the sun will set only a couple of hours after midnight.

New Zealand

The world-famous brown trout of New Zealand is a challenging quarry. But that only makes a fly fisherman more determined. Immerse yourself in the translucent currents of the country to see these cunning fish. The wide and shallow sections ensure that you will have enough room to locate the deep holes where the trout remain.

Although some areas admit fly fishing throughout the year, from October to April they are the first months of fishing throughout New Zealand.

And between fishing sessions, be sure to visit the lush rainforests and other natural wonders of the country. This distant country is home to animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Maybe you're already hooked on fly fishing. Or maybe you're just starting. Either way, one of the most wonderful things about fly fishing is that it is an excellent way for a family to experience some of the most magical wild places the world has to offer.

But if you are looking to travel with family, friends or alone, you will want to fish in these magnificent places. You will experience majestic views while enjoying the peace that comes from the time you spend in a special outdoor place.

Jennifer Brunton, a former scholar who became a freelance writer and editor, lives and works in Vermont.

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