Announcement – Pro-Cure & Fishing 411 Reach Marketing Agreement

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Announcement – Pro-Cure & Fishing 411 Reach Marketing Agreement . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Announcement – Pro-Cure & Fishing 411 Reach Marketing Agreement “. i hope that this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Announcement – Pro-Cure & Fishing 411 Reach Marketing Agreement

Mark Romanack the host and producer of Fishing 411 TV proud to announce the fishery 411 recently reached a marketing agreement with Pro-Cure Inc.

“Pro-Cure is a leading manufacturer fishing odors, fish, sauces, egg bait and cures, “says Romanack. “What does Pro-Cure apart from the competition is that they produce their fragrance products using 100% natural forage species, including Alewives, smelt, shad, crayfish, shiners, anchovies, leeches, Nightcrawlers and more. Pro-Cure is the only company that has designed a way

the Fishing 411 employees have used Pro-Cure products for about a year since they first went to the mark on a film adventure introduced the Kenai river in Alaska.

“Fishermen on the west coast know and trust to help Pro-Cure products to catch them more and bigger fish, “says Romanack.” Our team is looking forward to spreading the word about Pro-Cure products and their odor management strategies fishermen in the Midwest and upper Great Lakes regions. “

Pro-Cure scents are legendary for their ability to attract fish and encouraging them to feed. Deadly force for trout, salmon, steelhead, walleye, sturgeon, catfish, perch, pike, musky and even panfish. In the upcoming episodes of Fisheries 411 TV viewers will learn how to get the most out cures Pro-Cure scents, brine and bait.

For more information on Pro-Cure visit learn and scroll through the hundreds of products designed to help anglers catch more fish.

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