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One of the advantages of this work is that they send us books to read and review, including many that focus on outdoor activities. At this time of year, when it is dark at 4:30, it is a good time to explore activities and outings when there is more light and better weather.

Some of the best I've read in recent months include:

* One of my favorites was written by Washington County native David Van Wie, entitled "Storied Waters." Van Wie related a six-week trip that traveled from Maine to Wisconsin, fly fishing in some of the country's most famous waters, for a variety of species, from trout to striped bass.

Among the waters he visited were Batten Kill, the Hudson River and the waters of Poconos, the north of the Midwest and New England. It has excellent anecdotes, photos and tips.

* "Tactical Fly Fishing" by Devin Olsen was a good opportunity to review the fine points of fly fishing. Informative series by author Ed Engel on fly fishing with different types of flies and on fresh and salt water, large flies and small flies.


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* "Good News River" by Scott Sadil was a book that featured a variety of well-written stories about fishermen fishing in some of the most famous rivers in North America.

* If you are looking for a good gift for a beginner fly fisherman or a woman, Orvis's "Fly Fishing Guide" is a good book to start. If you want some advice on how to prepare and cook what you fish, "Recipes and techniques for freshwater fish" by Jon Wipfli has a lot of recipes and images to help prepare trout for panfish and pike. "Fly Fisher & # 39; s Guide to New York", by Eric Newman, will give you a lot of information to start in our region and elsewhere in New York.

* I have also collected a variety of hiking books over the past year, including the Falcon Guides series that focuses on walking through different states and regions. They offer the basics on some of the best trails and networks in our region, as well as throughout the Northeast. The "50 Hikes" series is also a good reference, with editions for Adirondacks, White Mountains and points to the south.

"America & # 39; s Best Day Hikes" by Derek Dellinger offers a guide to some excellent walks in the Northeast and across the country, with maps and tips.

Preparing properly for a walk can be a matter of life or death in the countryside. And the gold standard if you are looking for a gift for a new or experienced hiker are the Adirondack Mountain Club publications or the National Geographics map series. The ADK headquarters on Route 9N in Lake George has a good selection.

National Geographics also publishes a guide known as "Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide" that has more information on how to prepare in the forest than you could use.

– Don Lehman

Don Lehman covers police and judicial matters, the Warren County government and the outdoors. He can be reached at 518-742-3224 or [email protected]

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