Bone Offshore fishing in New Jersey

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Bone Offshore fishing in New Jersey . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Bone Offshore fishing in New Jersey “. i hope that this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Bone Offshore fishing in New Jersey

 Bone Fishing in New Jersey

During our summer, fields Absecon next Wildwood, New Pet produce tons flow, also referred to as flounder or simply too little bone. these fish are often heavy as 4-6 pounds each. time of year, this type of water temperature at its hottest in the shallow wadden Sea and along the slack tide. it’s time for you to successfully catch fluke.


    Fluke search eel grass and poles current key for their own protection. Copley parts of New Jersey habitat regarding these fish all by certain parts of the year.

How many Out?

    In summer, small to medium flukes status itself on the remote control or muddy feet of the bays, harbors and the open coast. One can further the larger fish waters, passing through 50 to 60 feet. As the hotter end, the Fluke migrate just off the coast of the water by means of a depth of 150 feet and more.


    Small boat fishermen in addition to kayak anglers find success in applying Rapala X Raps, spoons and various other freshwater lures commonly used by bass fishermen. Smaller bars makes it easier for smallish boat to fish, and will be offering an excellent lure a big fluke attacks. Boldy bones will strike a lure once they find around edges are a magnet flats or even while swimming through more full of holes in the lower Bay locales. Common fishing equipment including rods 6 feet MH, a rod fitted with coils 2500 dimension, or low-profile bait casting reels.

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