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 Bread Punch . Hi  all fishing lovers, Today's post is "
 Bread Punch ". i hope that this informative article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

 Bread Punch 

I do not write this because I have a brilliant punch fisherman, because someone asked me. I think they were just interested in my way of doing things. I fish especially the stamp on the club Wellingborough piece of Leicester arm of the Grand Union Canal near Market Harborough. For some reason, the fish in this piece respond best to punch. I struggle to catch the skimmers, but usually can be a good day with roach, unless it is a match.

Many people will tell you this bread THAT bread etc. I'm afraid I'm going to use for the cheap option. -. a Tesco Value bread to feed and hookbait

First, the feed. I do not bother cutting off the crusts. By the time I'm done, I can hardly see the crust crumbs so I can not see that making a difference. The crust may be only 1-2% of total bread. I juice of bread and pass through a Squatt mystery. This ensures that there is no fill large chunks of the fish. If the stamp of fish I was going to catch were around 12/06 ounce mark, I may be tempted to use a maggot riddle. But like most of the canal fish I catch on bread in the 1-4 ounce bracket then I think the Squatt mystery is OK. I know people who go a little further and use a flour sieve.

I think I need to make juice and riddle the bread three times to make the most of it to get through the puzzle. So what I do is start doing the whole bread, four slices at a time and puzzle out what I can. The chunks are put aside for a while to let the blender cool, it's fine stuff bags. I repeat the process two more times, again leave some time between the second and third phase. So I find that at least 90% of the bread has gone through the mystery and his pockets. The rest go fishing in my pond are cheap enough. The bags bread is frozen unless I use it the next day.

For hookbait I do like a microwave and compress the slices. Like all of my bread fish is done over winter I will prepare and freeze a loaf of bread in October / November and sees me generally on.

I cut the crusts off (they go into the food) and a microwave for ten seconds and then simply compress the bread with my hand on a worksheet. The disc is then cut in half and packaged slices to two half a bag. These are frozen and removed for use on the morning. A pouch that enough for one day.

My go-to float the BGT Greenie. This is a slender thread stemmed 0.4g float. Some think a little heavy but I prefer that little weight in case the canal drags a bit. The bait is also rapidly downward. Shotted with a string of No.9s & 10s. Backshotted with No.11 near the float and a 9 near the pole tip. For me back shotting is vital when targeting small roach. Click sunk to the line and bites will be more confident and positive.

BGT Greenie
If the conditions are perfect and / or swim under 3ft then should I use love the BGT Blood. For me this is the most perfect channel float I've ever used. It has hair that can be sunk by a shot No.13 / Stotz. Hard to lap, but get it absolutely perfect and it is a pleasure. Easy to see establish the bread. Being only 0.2 g is shot with a string of No.10s.

BGT Blood
If the channel ribbons considerably then I will move to a BGT Blue. 0.5 g in three feet of water or less, 0.75 g in deeper swims. They will be shotted with a bulk of No.6 shot, so I can hold back and still the bait on the deck. I will go up to 9 inches in depth if necessary.

BGT Blue
Like my commercial rigs choose I have a simple set of lengths for each float. The Greenie is on a seven-foot rig on a lilac winder, blood four or seven feet, yellow and green respectively winder Blue 0.5 on four feet and 0.75 on the seven-foot pink reels. So you see Selecting the right rig is simple and no need to label something. If I want a lot of big fish plank rig I'm only wearing some of my commercial margin rigs (4 ft. BGT1 0.2g float at 0.17 line).
Line, Hook, underline & Elastic
I try to make my channel rigs as simple as my commercial carp ones. Line Reflo Power, 0.11 for the main rig line and 0.06 for the bottom line.

I use a four inch rig when fishing punch. This is just about the only time I will make use of those short on the post. The other exception is the commercial fishery margin swims less than 12 inches deep. This means that I can have a shot just five inches from the hook. I do not include lines shotting as it slows you down having to replace.

My hook preferred the Sensas 3530, size 20. I love the long shaft as this helps in connecting the bread from the punch. I think I could probably get away with a 18, but if I grab a couple of years & # 39; 20 bought I will first use up.

Sensas 3530

Elastic is also simple, solid No.4. I think this property will also deal with the unexpected bonus as absorbing the smaller ones.

If you can not work to check out the photo my "Bits & Bobs' post about how I adjust my punches to make them easy to handle and unsinkable too make.

I think they started life as Drennans

Feed is taken to come, but I use to hold two 1 liter ice cream tubs to enter my tray on my side the bread the bank in the bag. Reason I do this is that they are free, have lids and the unused bread can be frozen for the next outing. That may sound cheap, but I've spent straining valuable time and riddling the feed so why waste the time to throw away unused bread? It also saves tie some bait boxes.

I put the food in the bowl and add water and mix the groundbait with a Disgorger as a stirrer. The reason for having two is that I can make two mixes with more or less water. It will be only a little water, so I can form a sinking groundbait-like ball. The other will make a sloppy mix. I normally start and fill with a ball of food and while fishing with sloppy mix. The doldrums will form a sinking cloud. By adjusting how sloppy it possible to feed it to explode either on the surface or with a little less water will explode for even sink. But wet all the bread will sink

Two ways of feeding -. Pot or by hand. To really accurate I feed by means of a pot. But one of the best punch fishermen I know feeding proponents hand, even if it means throwing the doldrums over the canal. His reasoning is that roach, normal purpose, but are not grazers darters and thus not necessarily absolute accuracy. They will roam around the swimming in search of food unlike skimmers that tend to graze an area. So by throwing the roach will seek a wide area and draw more from further away in the vicinity of the bait.

is of course the big question of how much and when to feed. There are no rules. Like all feed must be worked out on the day. I will normally try and kicking a dive with a ball of walnut to egg size. Size is determined by what I know of the location. I will also introduce a larger ball on a line I intend fish later. That the first ball will always hollow, so I know exactly where it has gone. Then I will try and respond tailor my diet how the fish.

Start depth will always be just touching bottom. There are days when the fish want the bait on depth of a few centimeters away. That's why I usually put two rigs for a swim. One that stays in the middle depths, the other can I experiment.

My hookbait slices are kept in the bag and I will cut a one-inch section for immediate use. This will be dumped as it dries or is exhausted. To slow down the drying process I like it in the context of a small piece of wood.

I start to dictate a 5 mil punch and experiment with bigger or smaller as needs. It is worthwhile to be a much bigger hit if you suspect or larger skimmers roach in the area.

The canal I fish two lines Topkit + 1 and a lot line at 2 1/2 to 3 feet of water. I had to tell two channel experts me that fish like to live in this kind of depth. Actually, a third said the other 2 1/2. I have marked these two passes on my selected kits with tape. I will be set to the float on the depth and then straight to work out when it on the other side. The opposite way around to how you would rule entitled to normal. I can then only slightly between the two depths in order to receive the pole to an accurate length.

After the initial feed I expect pretty quickly catch. The near line can usually be fished for 1-2 hours to die for. Once that is done it can be difficult to feed to get the fish back there. The only exception I have found to this is when fishing through the ice. I expect to catch all day only a few spots. On at least one occasion, I have a hole to top five broken away and eventually found the fish would feed on top four.

Re-nutrition should be a matter of judgment and experimentation. You may need to top up with a solid ball or you can feed regularly (every 1, 2, 3 fish) with the doldrums. I wear a variety of format toss pots so I can control how I perform using different pots.

I noticed that you did not catch necessarily right for your feed is. Of course, if there is some movement on the channel you can let the float to move away from where you've fed because some feed will drift away. I caught up ten feet from where I have had. Also, even if the channel is still I have found that difficult days the fish can sit about three feet from the diet. So if you are struggling to try to place the float three feet on either side of your feed. It can lead to a bonus of fish.

It may also pay to work the bait, lift and lower the float off and cause to bites.

If the channel starts to drag strongly as when a slot opens then switch to the heavy rigs and still on and let him by inches. This is one time I think I can pick up a bonus skimmer or large roach. Not struggling with too light a float. It's amazing sometimes how tough a float you away with if it is good to get shotted. You must have a float able to give you the control you want to use.

And as always dot the float is down as far as you comfortably can. On the heavy gear you can afford slightly exceeded as you will hold it back against the tow bar and the float will force water light.

I love fishing the punch. At a certain level are incredibly simple, another is complex, because the fish are unpredictable. I remember a winter league game a few years ago. I pulled the hot room where the game had won two weeks earlier with about four pounds. Started like a train and had 16 fish in the first hour as well on my way to my first pound. I finished the game with 19 fish. I was so disappointed that I went back and fished the swim three days later. I had 70 fish over 7 pounds. I know that fun fish is different, but only half of that weight on Sunday would see me have won the section and probably frame.

Then there are days when it's just great to go out and conquer the elements.

Perhaps extreme, but a great day for the punch

And the result, about 50 fish for around three pounds

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