Building your own Boat Rod Holder

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Building your own Boat Rod Holder . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Building your own Boat Rod Holder “. We hope this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Building your own Boat Rod Holder

 DIY Cruiser Rod Holder

Fishing claiming an unforgettable pastime to pay, either through your body or friends. Many recreational anglers always fun to sit back and enjoy the day, and not have to struggle with their rods. for such type of relaxed fishing, an important fishing rod holder is actually ideal. This device means that you can sit and loosen or performing other activities have pre-installed rod holders while your line remains much fish watercraft in H2O. but many do not. making your private fishing rod holder can be performed with the aid of easily feasible materials.



    Cut each 2-inch diameter PVC-line in two pieces that has a saw, each measuring 8 inches in total.


    Place both the PVC sections in the milk crate upright vacuum cleaner, both at a similar side on, inter alia, the specific angles. Glue the two main large PVC pipes to the corners of the actual milk crate works with outdoor glue.


    position all the milk crate on top of the boat near an anchor point maybe a boat cleat. Place the crate, so that the rod holders closer to the water.


    Put all the chest and holders using a bungee cord or any cords. Depending on your own ship and where you prefer to place the pole holder, this will be different on a large scale. Typically, the bungee runs in the milk crate, together with the terminals to confirm sufficient to work on both sides.

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