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 Carp in the margins 

I'm happy as a pig in the mud and in the summer, I find myself attacking drawing a dive with a decent margin. I love this method of fishing and will happily spend an entire game focused on the shallow water as I can.

There are two pieces of kit that I consider essential if you are serious about fishing margin. I always wear a weed cutter and a pair of pruning shears. Each year I am amazed that the late summer I swim fish that margins have come screaming to be, it is still clear no one has fished. Ten minutes gardening can make a margin swimming fishable. Believe me, it's worth it. Even if the previously fished, I think that some cleanup is necessary. It is also worth investing in an inexpensive telescopic landing net handle your weed cutter. You do not want you to pick up handle come apart from each other at the cutting of a number of persistent reed leaving the upper portion outside the range or sink into the lake.

You have to take care plumbing. Ideally I am looking for a depth of between one and two and a half feet of water near the bank. It is clear that several lakes have different margin profiles, they can vary even from swimming to and to the left and to the right of your swimming platform. So when gardening are worth the time passed. I've had some very successful days when the shelf margin was only four inches wide. I will also look to see if there are some places I can fish with the same margin rig. The more the better for me. I will turn around to find four or five spots where a fish feeds. As I catch a place I will enter that place next move and then float to another location. If there is no indication of fish in the spotlight with two or three minutes I continue.

You do not always bankside cover. I am often surprised that the better response came from a bare bench as opposed to a place with vegitation or a bush overhanging the water. You have to keep an open mind and try everything. Also, you may not need to be tight to the bank. On some cuttings the shelf margin may extend a pair of feet. Sometimes it will return the larger fish hanging from the bench and feed. Again, dob around and see what you get for comment. If you then that loves it, will build your weight faster increased stamp of fish.

Not all bites margin will sail-aways. I've seen days when I had to float down point, the distance to the pole tip and reduce lift at every dip. But other days when you just wait to zoom off the float and the elastic follows. Happy days it.

There are some locations where I fish, I know that will generate margins from the beginning. Hence, in this I do not see any point in the life complicated by the fishing for very long elsewhere. But this does not mean that fishing margin is simple. You may think that all you have to do is to dump some bait and the fish start climbing the line, not so. As with most types of fishing you need to work out the best approach to the day to maximize the potential of swimming. A contest in July 2013 is a perfect example.

Peg 14 on Decoy Lake & # 39; s Cedar pool was my spot for the day. This is an angle pin on one of the strip Decoy lakes. The angle on the right is about eight meters, but no more than two meters from the bank has eroded to form a small bowl, about two feet. This is where the overflow pipe is buried and the padded bench has eroded over time to make this an inviting gap of about half a meter deep. I chose it as my main line plus another backup to my left fish about four feet off, top kit plus a portion of pole distance where the severe margin ends slope. This line would be fed heavily all day. A tactic of Bob Nudd shown to me a few weeks earlier while fishing one day I had with him as a raffle prize at lakes one of the other strip (Yew) at Decoy. That day I had about 120 pounds of fish to eight pounds.

I started the game micro feed & # 39; s hand in the margin right and handfuls four mil. Pellets deep dive left every few minutes. Although I soon had fish in the margins I found them difficult to catch, and after an hour had only four fish in the net. I decided that throwing, while convenient, distributed the food to far and so switched to feeding the micro & # 39; s through a Tosspot. The result was magical. I was quickly getting plenty of appetizers and fish.

I think meant by concentrating the feed on a small spot that the fish had only one place to educate in swimming and find my bait. Previously, they were harvesting over the place and will not be adopted in the place where I was fishing. I was working in a Tosspot of micros after each fish.

When the margin swim went quiet I re-fed and left the deep dive left hand while trying. This resulted in a number of fish of a bigger stamp and kept building weight while resting the margin. I finished the game with 124 pounds and second place. The winner was 146 pounds so quiet first hour cost me, or looked at another way, about six hours of the race I was just under four pounds an hour behind, essentially one fish per hour.

While my favorite food for the margins micros I'm adaptable and flexible as this approach does not work to be. There are days when the fish want corn or four mil. pellets. Sometimes bowl formed in, others thrown in large volume with the hand in order to create a bed. The same applies hookbait, you have a choice and you have to change around even once you catch the event that change the flavor throughout the day. So I will always go with corn, four and six mils. expanders, hard grain and meat. I rarely take maggot but if the location is known to respond to them, then there will be some in my bag. Pasta course can help sort out the bigger fish

In the area of ​​nutrition -. Toss Pots. I wear twenty different sizes so I can adjust the feed, depending on how the fish react. I make them myself from a small light cup as you drink bottles, tops Pritt sticks or sprays etc. I punch two holes in the side about a centimeter apart, thread a short length of waste elastic and tie into a loop. The elastic wraps around the pole tip and the cup so that the cup is on the side of the post. They can be quickly changed without having to remove the harness and does not damage the post.

Another match on Decoy, this time at Horseshoe lake in August 2013 showed that the difference I food can make. This was my first competition after a serious medical problem and so I was not going to do anything too complicated and can explain my slow response to what was not working out.

I drew peg 2, fortunately a short walk. This pen has a margin of just inviting top kit distance to the left and close to the bank only twenty inches deep enough for me to trust fish were feeding there. Again because of the distance I fed micro & # 39; s hand and a fish came very quickly. But I did not have a drink in the swim to get four hours, a nightmare. Even switching to the feeding micros in a pot this did not occur. With forty pounds in the net of my backup line and two hours to go I changed the feed in the margin to just a few grains of corn and a small amount of micro & # 39; s. Very soon big fish began to show and to 90 minutes I hooked and landed a seven-pound carp. This was followed by three five pounds, and even more smaller fish. Final weight 103 pounds and fourth in the race just six pounds off second.

The change in feed may be or it may have been a timing thing. I tend to change feeding theory advocates, because the answer to the changes was quick and clear.

My margin rigs as simple as I can make them. I prefer a float with hair so BGT1 of * is ideal. I use the 0.2 g size and shot with two No.6 shot just over 10 ten inch rig. I have taken to protect the addition of a spring eye just on the eye side.

Mainline Power Reflo 0.17. Leader will either 0.17 Reflo a size 18 Fox Carp Match 2 (unfortunately no longer available due to Ricky Teal, but I dragged) or 0.13 to Kamasan B611 size 16. I have the yellow Preston 16 fixed to be a good find elastic. I do not use Pullas. I also have some solid 18-20 days for the fish need a little more control.

Margin fishing is not always easy, needs fathom out and can work for the whole game, not just the last hour as will maintain some. Get it right and even with a slow start, you can create a framing or put winning weight very quickly.

A final example. I will not be fishing the name if I want to keep my advantage should I ever return, but it's something I've only fished twice. First time I picked up pin 21 and by the end of the race had worked out that the most productive place was on the sidelines, where I have a mixture of carp and chub was striking to 3lb. This despite the fact that there are some very inviting other spots in swimming. Due to my late discovery that I just missed the section victory.

A year later I signed peg 20. As I hear I'm down to my box could others around me complain about this part of the lake to be included in the pegs. I rubbed my hands on it and it was one of the few times I knew before the start I would do good, certainly good enough to win my department, might be good enough to frame.

The platform just beyond the reach Bankside rushes to my right and to my left could not see the margin for a number of adjacent green. Ten minutes with the trimmer saw the green reduced height and bald banking margin visible. The piping on the right just had some drooping leaves cutting the weed cutter. Al would have a right Topkit left Topkit plus 2:58 sections. I have the game take carp and chub from no more than three feet to my right and at the bare bench to my left. I won the section and was sixth overall (forty fish). And a section nobody wanted to draw.

* In case you're wondering. I'm not sponsored by SLS (or someone else). I'm just a customer who loves the floats plus the service and prices are excellent. I call them just so you can go on the website and see the floats as you want.

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