Catfish Sport fishing in Spain

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Catfish Sport fishing in Spain. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Catfish Sport fishing in Spain”. Hopefully this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Catfish Sport fishing in Spain

Catfish Angling in Spain

The Water Ebro is Spain’s the majority of noted waterway of which begins as a few springs in a Cantabrian Mountins. It runs 565 miles in the southeast flow based on the Mediterranean shoreline in Tarragona Domain. It is just about the most popular rivers designed for Spanish citizens along with international anglers for you to catch monster size catfish that might weigh more as opposed to 200 lbs. Catfish are usually not natural to Real spanish rivers, but were introduced in the Ebro and the tributaries, the Segre and even Cinca, as stock fish removed from the Danube Sea.

Wels Catfish

    The Wels Catfish, also referred to as the “European Maneater, ” is about the ugliest fish you are going to ever meet. Although they don’t likely swallow everyone whole, they have the style of having the capability to do so, along with wide, bulbous brains and horrible, gaping teeth. Inside their mouths are 100s of razor-sharp, Velcro-like tooth enamel. They can turn into enormous, 6 feet long or even more, and have a new grotesque, slimy exploring, slippery skin. The Wels will be only catfish inside Spain and will grow so large thanks to having an endless food origin of smaller fish resulting in nil natural predators. This can be a fish anglers seek with the River Ebro.

Fishing Tips

    Wels catfish capture ones own food source by way of creating an eddy during the water with ones own sharp pectoral fins. That disorients the large fish’s prey, making it feel like easy to consume. Every time typically the Wels catfish starts advertising its mouth, it creates vacuum pressure and the little fish don’t stand the possibility. Expert anglers about the river prefer make use of eels, carp, mullet in addition to roach as the lure to catch this catfish. Baitfish, earthworms and items of squid will work at a pinch. Catfish might be landed from the particular shore or for the water in a motorboat.

Landing any Wels

    On usual, a catfish with the River Ebro weighs about around 100 weight. People fishing to the river for carp are very surprised when his or her rod suddenly doubles over additionally they discover they need hooked a Wels. These fish are really powerful and very difficult to land. They fight hard within the water, and, since they’re so slippery, it is far from easy to haul them throughout the boat. Strangely sufficiently, once you buy them aboard, they quiet down and give good photo prospects. Wels are plentiful year-round, although water ailments in April and would can make them all less available during those 8 weeks.


    You have to have a fishing license to fish any place in Spain if you are on a charter yacht, and it is just valid for a unique region. If you ought to fish in diverse regions, you will be needing a license for any region. You can purchase the license from your regional office on the Ministry of the surroundings (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente). If you can not have a forex fishing license, you may be required to go away a Spanish vocabulary exam. The fishing licence could cost from about 5 to 12 Pounds ($6 to $14), really prices. Wels catfish should not be kept and is required to be released back in the water.


    The Chiprana a part of the River Ebro is normally noted for producing among the best Wels catfish globally. It is the place for the Environment Catfish Classic match, a catch not to mention release event. It’s really a showcase for the most beneficial international catfish anglers to show their best procedures. The safety and welfare from the monster fish are ingested in consideration during this particular sports event. Winners receive hard cash prizes for on a daily basis and overall records throughout the four-day event.

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