Champion Outboard Specs

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Champion Outboard Specs . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Champion Outboard Specs “. i hope that this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Champion Outboard Specs

The safe bet outboard motor was manufactured in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1927 in the mid-1950s by all Scott-Atwater Tool and Punch Company . Production belonging to the outboard came with the request made by Earl DuMonte that an outboard needed to act in a San Francisco show. The Scott-Atwater company ventured into building outboard full time in 1939. The earliest outboards manufactured provider were small to medium sized, 30-pound engines. During 1951, the company started production of these Hydro drive, a larger outboard engines, which does not mention independent propeller influence a hydraulic clutch. The Scott-Atwater outboard corporation stopped output in 1958.

Hydro-drive model and Season

    Scott-Atwater Product and Punch Company produced the latter, larger outboard SERP in 1951 . it was the Champion 4L-HD Hydroelectric Station Ultra DIx outboard motor with a hydraulic clutch and a propeller control unbiased described as comprising the wand. The independent directors propeller made the Hydro station outboard motor excellent fishing with the help of the trolls power.

The remarkable Wand

    The outboard miracle wand controls each propeller speed without the need for switching. A fast forward and reverse lever operated speed. Neutral abandoned the propeller of a stopped position.

Hydro-drive weight

    The Hydro-drive outboard prevailing Winner of the outboard was caused by the Scott-Atwater corporation. It weighed about 52 pounds.

Horsepower, cylinders and Stroke

    The Hydro-drive outboard is an 8. 5-horsepower algorithm that about 4 produced 200 rpm. The outboard engine had two cylinders by having a 1. 75-inch-long cerebrovascular accident or CVA. Hydro-drive outboard program had a beginner recoil mechanism and the electric power steering.

Gas with Oil Mix

    The outboard motor gasoline and oil mixture used pint for TC-W3 oil designed for two-stroke engines. The particular oil protects the sanding direction of the piston as well as pre-ignition. It also protects against rust website.


    The Hydro-drive outboard uses a 7 Winner spark plug.

Engine Cooling

    The outboard motor is water-cooled by a rotor-type cylinder.

Vintage Repair Costs

    A brand Hydro-drive outboard is usually purchased for $ 245 to 1951. In December 2010, the Champion Hydro-drive outboard is recognized as an antique or even vintage outboard. Blowers locate parts with respect to the Champion Hydro-drive outboards plans for the restoration. Components such as fuel tanks simply because, cheaper units, propellers and engine heads can be obtained for about $ 25 to make sure you make $ 30 online.

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