Clown Car Toggin ‘

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Clown Car Toggin ‘. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Clown Car Toggin ‘”. Hopefully this article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Clown Car Toggin ‘

The new kayak got a good CBBT hazing as I hit and scraped poles from sun up to sun down. During the 13 hours out on the water I dealt with fast output current, slow incoming and other fast outflow, with light winds at first than the large fan in the air is whipped white caps on the bay. My search for citation specie number 3 took me to a wide variety of different areas and depths along the bridge.

It started slowly with only two small duffel. As the day progressed, more yakers came with a couple with fair success. When the wind picked up, everyone decided to leave. It remained slow until I one of the holes that I previously tried revisited. The tide had changed and I think the duffel crammed into a tight spot. If I missed getting the bait in the small 2’x2 ‘hole, I got no hits. But if my fiddler made it the way there, it was hit immediately. I pulled 8 togs from that little hole in no time.

This one must have wedged in pretty tight.

10 total were tagged and released.
18 “, 18”, 17.5 “, 16”, 15 “, 15”, 14.5 “, 14”, 14 “, 13”.

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