Cold Water Fish Muskie

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Cold Water Fish Muskie

 Normally cold water Muskie Fishing

September and October have been classified as the months that a large number of trophy muskies usually caught. Muskies binge feed during the autumn, when the water temperatures cooler, fatten up before a long winter.


    great lakes offer the opportunity to catch big muskies. Narrated by GameandFishMag. com, muskies rely heavily on giving vision. larger lakes provide clarity, because there is a large open areas of water. Fish larger lakes after water is freezing increases your chance of a trophy muskie on landing.


    Muskies mostly dead whitefish and other species of oily bait fish. These bait fish migrate in autumn when it is colder. whitefish create their fall spawning jog between late March and mid-November, and muskies most active feeders in this season. Fish wintry, deep water with rocky soil set ups, which often breed whitefish to get to a trophy muskie.


    Trolling is often the easiest way to catch a muskie cold water. With all the trolls discusses technique than pouring more water. When trolling, put a bait on your rod that is designed to run in heavy water. This is especially important when perch in deeper water as winter. Running the game at first, so you can 2 mph while trolling often produces the most effective results.

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