Create a Baracuda Conduit Jig

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Create a Baracuda Conduit Jig . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Create a Baracuda Conduit Jig “. Hopefully this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Create a Baracuda Conduit Jig

 How to make a Baracuda Tube Jig generation

Barracuda tube molds are created to mimic saltwater lure fish swim after along side the bottom or near a structure, like rock or a major reef. when fishing an action comparable have an ace striper, tube jigs often can be a very effective methods of attracting and connecting large barracuda. ​​Although the ready-to-fish jigs are all around, making tube jigs requires few components and could be implemented as a result of many saltwater fisherman .



    Tie a period of 20-pound test or perhaps heavier monofilament line to a dredge along with a Palomar knot. Form of the node as a result of the feed line in the hook eye that means you have 6 to 7 inches adhere to the eye. Turn the sections and feed it back through the eye, which is a loop in the line side of the elevator.


    Further, the Palomar knot just get by holding the free end part of the line next to the line principle, constitute a significant double line. Binding helped half a knot through the loop and double line. Pull the hook down and bends usually the treble. Soften the knot and pull it down firmly.


    Cut a 6-inch amount of surgical tubing with the color of your choice to take a pair of scissors. Cut a 2-inch angle in one end so that the tube is tapered to a point.


    Slide the tube onto the special monofilament leader with the tapered end of the first act. Update the hose down, so that the tapered end is located over and extends from hooks in the dark.


    Slide a fantastic ball-head weight in the monofilament leader and as small as the end of the surgical tubing. Place the weight while using point to the hose. Pull the medical tubing back on the road to the high towbars and are behaving effective half-node as a stopper for your ball club head weight.


    Slide due weight to rest against mostly the button and move the hose up to the ball-head overweight. Controlling the surgical tube so that the half of the specific ball-club head weight is included in the tube.


    Double which line 5 in order to assist you 6 inch belong to the top of a bullet weight and form a fairly simple double-loop upper hand is used for attachment of the main fishing lines.

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