Developing Jug Lines

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Developing Jug Lines. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Developing Jug Lines”. Hopefully this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Developing Jug Lines

How to make Jug Lines

Jug lines would be a method used by just some anglers meant for catching catfish; the devices are frequently placed in waterways, lakes and fish ponds. Jug lines are usually homemade, and are made out of basic materials. State wildlife agencies will have rules specific to having jug lines; anglers must verify state wildlife codes well before placing jug lines in the body of the water.



    Remove the premium from a 2-l soft drinks bottle; rinse out the medial with running standard water. Remove any outside labels with the bottle.


    Add 1 glass of sand towards bottle. Coat the threads with the bottle top together with silicon caulk. Screw the premium on the wine bottle.


    Spray the particular soda bottle having white paint. Apply a few coats of paint once and for all coverage. Allow each dress to dry for no less than one hour before applying a subsequent coat. Allow the bottle of wine to dry overnight following last coat from paint.


    Add reflector tape for the bottom and sides on the bottle. Write your company name and address quietly of the painted bottle by using a permanent marker.


    Tie a 25-foot time period of 20-lb test and also heavier braided fishing line for the neck of your bottle. Tie a volume 6/0 circle catch 3 feet previously the free end belonging to the line; use a fabulous Uni knot. Attach a bank weight with the end of the line which has a Uni knot.

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