Directions for just a Hawk Eye Species of fish Finder

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Directions for just a Hawk Eye Species of fish Finder. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Directions for just a Hawk Eye Species of fish Finder”. Hopefully this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Directions for just a Hawk Eye Species of fish Finder

Directions for any Hawk Eye Species of fish Finder

The HawkEye Fish Finder is known as a handheld device that is definitely used to detect fish roughly 99. 9 feet. under water. This depth finder of the bird uses sonar to uncover fish and suitable fishing locations simply by emitting sound waves throughout the water. The sound lake hit objects and be able to bounce back and tend to be picked up because of the receiver. The HawkEye bass finder interprets the situation, size and possibly even the composition from the objects under the pool. It features nearly four sensitivity settings, a 45-degree sonar angle as well as a pivoting, SoftGlow backlit show. It works in temperatures only 0 degrees Fahrenheit and additionally features simple programming and then a quick reference direct.


Setting Up


    Turn the gps watch over and select the battery cover up. Firmly press the upper section of the cover and put it down. Insert four AAA batteries good polarity guides around the battery compartment. Swap the cover.


    Press that “Power” button to show the unit concerning.


    Press and contain the “Setup” button for 3 to 4 seconds to key in the setup purpose. The sensitivity indicator will start flashing.


    Press a “Setup” key to navigate on the features. The indicator will flash for that current feature. Press the “Enter” button to decide and activate an attribute; press “Enter” once more to deactivate the item. Activated features will be on the display. Deactivated features may have an “X” across them. If you won’t press any first considerations, the screen will automatically revisit normal operation right after five seconds.


    Press and keep the “Setup” button, then cycle on the “Backlight” feature to show it on and / or off. The display quickly illuminates for three seconds any time you press a tab. Activating the backlight feature keeps the screen lit continuously, and will slow up the battery life.


    Turn a alarm on on the setup function. The alarm may sound when a grouping of fish is diagnosed. This feature is normally convenient, since you will not watch the screen for any alert.


    Press all the “Setup” and “Enter” key concurrently for six towards seven seconds. The screen will display present day units of strategy for depth psychic readings. Press one of this keys to toggle concerning feet and feets. The selected equipment of measure can flash.

Using all the Sonar Sensor as well as Float


    Feed typically the sensor plug via the plug holder. Connect the sonar sensor plug towards the port upon the unit. Turn the gps device on and listen for any clicking sound. This indicates you’ve got a proper link.


    Pull your rubber stopper out from the sonar sensor move. Adjust the float at a minimum 6 to 10 inches beyond the sensor. Replace the stopper and also press it firmly inside the float.


    Make positive the sensor float cable isn’t tangled or draped around anything. Secure the adjusted sonar sensor drift and pitch it underhand on the water where you’ve planned to fish. Really do not throw the sensor with the cable.


    Use a good pole and information the sensor on the desired position. Allow the cable television to float together with the water. Pull the cable directly into retrieve the sensor plus float; wind in the excess cable to protect yourself from any tangling.

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