Easy methods to Fish for Tuna from the Mediterranean

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Easy methods to Fish for Tuna from the Mediterranean. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Easy methods to Fish for Tuna from the Mediterranean”. We hope this informative article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Easy methods to Fish for Tuna from the Mediterranean

Tuna fishing inside Mediterranean is more and more difficult than in other places of the world for the reason that the resource is certainly overfished. Mediterranean bluefin tuna, valued for sushi, are over the verge of being sold out in the Mediterranean and beyond, where the enormous tuna return every year after depositing along with fertilizing their eggs while in the Adriatic Sea. You’ll certainly be competing with advertisement fisheries using massive nets and various wholescale fishing strategies, but by subsequent these steps you could catch a Med tuna.



    Hire a charter yacht captain to enable you to out to seashore. The captains will know about the many limitations governing tuna catches inside Mediterranean, as most certainly as prevalent angling conditions and providing locations. All tuna fishing while in the Mediterranean is accomplished by boat. Look for personal watercraft with outriggers to help you to set more lines from the water and increase your likelihood of catching this rare fish.


    Get an important chum line begun to begin trolling. Chum–a combination of fish blood and guts–is accustomed to create an fatty, floating food cunning to attract tuna. The mix is ladled in the boat from some bucket.


    Look to get flocking birds skimming the ocean surface. Where you can find birds over normal water, there are baitfish, and where one can find baitfish, you will most likely find bluefin tuna.


    Bait an individual’s hooks with significant anchovies or sardines (1/4 that will 1/2 pound) and / or use artificial fishing lures resembling baitfish. That the captain observes squid close to schooling tuna, you are likely to rig up having strips of frosty squid. Butterfish likewise make excellent lure for Mediterranean bluefin.


    Troll over the chum slick along with two lines there are various stern and two lines across the outriggers–one on either side from the boat.


    When you can get a strike, resist the temptation to the hook instantly. Instead, let the tuna run using the bait for five seconds to have the hook firmly throughout its mouth, then reel in the slack and heart warming a fight.

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