Easy methods to Mount a Fish Finder for a Kayak

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Easy methods to Mount a Fish Finder for a Kayak. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Easy methods to Mount a Fish Finder for a Kayak”. Hopefully this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Easy methods to Mount a Fish Finder for a Kayak

How in order to Mount a Fish Finder to your Kayak

Target and locate your preferred game fish by simply equipping your kayak by having a fish finder piece of equipment. Fish finders aren’t for big fishing ships. If you fish which includes a kayak, you can install the product by positioning the transducer at the end or hull on the boat. A fish locater uses sonar information to detect in addition to show underwater systems and fish beneath the kayak.



    Install the control exactly a stable mounting surface in the kayak. Choose an area where the device would be protected from intense vibration and trend shock. Attach the hanging bracket by drilling installation screw holes using a 9/64-inch bit. Route the cable from the mounting bracket consequently fill the range mounting holes with the help of marine grade plastic. Insert four countersink wood screws into your mounting hole, next tighten.


    Choose an area for the transducer in the hull of your own kayak. This can have the center or with the lower area of the boat. Mount the transducer parallel with the water line in order that it can point all the way down and effectively deliver and receive sonar data. Prepare the attach location by scuffing it that has a scrub, then prime areas with a tv primer. Allow all the primer to waterless completely, then attach a transducer bracket running an adhesive seal. Let the adhesive cure every day and night, then drop submarine grease into the middle of the bracket. Put enough grease to hide the bottom and even inner sides. Place the transducer on the bracket and wiggle side-to-side to cut back air bubbles. Generally if the bracket came with the help of straps, use these phones secure the transducer.


    Place the actual fully charged battery in a very dry bag, then pull the force cable out. Close off the bag, throw it down plus close the buckle. Put the dry bag in the hull on a set and stable working surface.


    Route the particular cables and collect the connector plate. Install the connection holder and go with the mounting segment using screws, consequently tighten. Slide the control go to the mounting area.

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