Easy methods to Rig a Flasher on the Downrigger

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Easy methods to Rig a Flasher on the Downrigger. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Easy methods to Rig a Flasher on the Downrigger”. We hope this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Easy methods to Rig a Flasher on the Downrigger

How in order to Rig a Flasher over a Downrigger

Trolling with flashers can be described as productive method in fishing. The flasher may be a silver piece with metal or cosmetic that swims plus reflects light inside the water. The flasher is made to attract fish in a distance. Rigging the flasher accompanied by a downrigger enables you to control the depth belonging to the flasher and bring. The technique is actually common in ocean and freshwater conditions. Large bodies for water with baitfish schools are created for trolling flashers using a downrigger.



    Tie an important barbell swivel to end of the line having a clinch knot. Feed the end of this line through one of several swivel loops. Twist the swivel to bring about eight turns inside line. Feed the top of the line over the loop between the swivel plus the wraps. Pull this line to fasten the knot. Clip the additional line with series clippers.


    Unhook the clip at the narrow end with the flasher. Attach the clip on the free end of your barbell swivel. Hook the end from the clip in typically the keeper slot towards secure the flasher exactly in danger.


    Tie a fabulous 2-foot leader to your wide end of your flasher with your clinch knot. Tie the finish of the leader towards lure with a fabulous clinch knot.


    Clip that weighted downrigger ball to your end of this downrigger cable. Drop the ball inside water and more affordable the cable till the line clip is certainly exposed.


    Drop any flasher and lure with the water. Release 10 toes of line on the rod and baitcasting reel. Place pressure at risk clip to amenable the jaws. Place the fishing line from the jaws and give off the pressure.


    Drop typically the downrigger ball to intended fishing detail. Troll at some sort of slow speed so that you can swim the flasher in addition to lure behind a boat.

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