Finding Ice Walleyes

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Finding Ice Walleyes . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Finding Ice Walleyes “. We hope this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Finding Ice Walleyes

 How Ice Walleyes discover

In higher states such as Mn and Wisconsin, walleye-fishing season would not end just because lakes are covered with ice. Many fishermen crossed the lake from the time the ice will be safe to proceed. Once they jump on the ice, fishermen focus on some the same areas individuals did earlier in the course of the year.



    Study to find some kind of more card to probable locations. Points that extend beyond the shoreline, reefs and lumps in addition to the sharp-breaking drop-offs to keep walleyes through the winter. in many cases, the fish will go to the edge of the drop-offs, or even with the structure during low-light conditions that will be processed. When the sun shines, they tend to suspend in water near the drop-off. also try to find large beds of vegetation near drop-offs. Many vegetation usually die in winter, some is not going to. Green vegetation near drop-offs is a fantastic winter walleye See.


    Rig good ice fishing rod and reel to an eighth-oz. jig tipped with a minnow or small jigging spoon.


    Drive or walk to the places you determined when studying your card more. Drill holes and additionally take depth measurements unless you want to find the edge of the drop-off. Whether you happen to fish a point or on the edge of a reef species, the spots the place that the drop-off is likely steepest will secure the most fish. If at all sunny out, fishing in the deep side in the drop-off. If it is actually the dusk or the beginning of the night cloudy, fish related to the shallow side.


    Drop lure or bait of a person to your buttocks. If you fish with any jigging spoon, do the job boldy temptation. If you are fish with the help of a mold and minnow, lift the combination off of the bottom and allow them to fall to the bottom of slack-series. Fish to make each opening 15 until you 30 minutes. Understand catch a walleye inside, then drill a hole edge. Continue down the drop-off until you catch a walleye.

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