First Redfish on Fly Rod ….

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First Redfish on Fly Rod …. . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “First Redfish on Fly Rod …. “. Hopefully this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

First Redfish on Fly Rod ….

It took much longer than I expected, but this past Saturday I finally caught my first redfish on the fly. I’ve caught snook, trout, Largemouth Bass, panfish, Gar, Lady Fish all on a fly rod. The salmon had a time eluded me already, so I made it to catch a fish of my goals for this year. I tried many times over the past few years and think it got to the point where I was (just) frustrated, so I started leaving the fly rod at home more often than I admit. That all changed once I got my Wilderness Systems Commander 140

The Commander, I now have the opportunity to stand up and cast the fly rod with ease and peace of mind. I think a stable kayak as the Commander really illuminate your mind and leave you more about how to use the fly rod instead of trying to keep your balance concentrate. It still blows my mind how easy it is to get up and with very little effort to fly cast. The open cockpit on the Commander makes it ideal for fly casting by reducing the chances of getting your fly line up dirty on the deck. Stand up and paddle is the best part about the commander, who is a huge factor in this was his redfish. I had never seen him as I did not get up. I would have walked over the top of him and he would be startled before I had a chance on him. Instead, I was able to see him for the first time as he began to move from the edge of an oyster. I gave a very nice cast with him and four strips later he was at the end of the fly line. There is no doubt that I will never forget that fish catch, and I have no doubt that the commander played a major role in capturing him.

Scott (TideCaster)

Equipment Used:

Wilderness Systems Commander 140
Galvin Rush 8 Fly Reel
G Loomis Cross Current Fly Rod
Custom Shrimp Fly

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