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Fishermen can still have a good day fishing in the rain.

While it is true that a sunny day is a more pleasant fishing experience, you can probably fish more when the raindrops begin to fall. Rain affects fish more than you think, and if you can understand why, you can make a fishing trip in rainy weather incredibly memorable.

There is a lot in this, especially for sea bass fishing, but we have fishing tips that will help.

Here are some reasons why it is worth fishing in the rain and three tactics to try.

Rain can trigger a feeding frenzy.

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One of the main reasons why it is worth fishing in the rain is because a rain storm can be a factor X that changes everything. Say you have been dealing with a weather forecast that has been extremely hot and embarrassing on the dog's summer days. Most likely, the bite has been difficult and you just don't catch as many as you would like.

A sudden drop in barometric pressure and heavy rain can be like operating a bite switch for your favorite fishing spot in this situation. As the rain falls, it brings fresh oxygen and changes the water temperature. These sudden changes will energize the bait fish and, in turn, will bring a sudden explosion of feeding energy to many game fish.

A good downpour can easily turn a fishing trip failure into one of the best ones in some cases.

Fishing in the rain brings out the great fish.

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It can be very difficult to locate especially large fish if they fall to great depths. But, rainy days may be some of the best for big fish and it all has to do with how rain interrupts things in the background. First, rains can agitate sediments near the bottom, forcing fish to surface.

Have you ever jumped into a lake right after a rain? You have probably noticed how much cooler the water is than normal. A good drizzle tends to make the hotter water sink into the water column. Let's say you have a large bass school suspended in depth to get away from the oppressive heat of summer. When warm water sinks, it will lead them up to reach the coldest water near the surface. This is why deep sea fishing is not a great rain tactic.

Big fish can become quite lazy and complacent, especially if conditions have been warm for a while. Even a good light rain will usually wake them up quickly and trigger their natural eating instincts. Large fish that normally distrust artificial lures are much more likely to lower their guard when it clouds and the rain begins to fall.

Less competition

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The last reason it is worth fishing in the rain is simply because it scares the fishing competition. Most people are lazy and not willing to get wet just to fish. The loss of another fisherman is his gain. Do you know that super busy lake where it feels like you're constantly bumping into other fishermen and women? Take a rain jacket and go out with a heavy downpour.

Most likely, you have much of the lake for yourself. Sometimes, the harder the conditions, the better. In heavily pressed lakes, fish know when they are under attack, and many know that the pressure decreases at the same time as the skies open with precipitation.

Now let's talk about tactics to use on a rainy day.

Focus on streams and entrances.

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Most professionals agree, when the rain starts to fall, you must find places where water flows to a lake. It could be a stream, it could be a river, it could even be a small entrance or even a sewer. These points are even more effective where there is clear water.

While the rain will help circulate fresh oxygen everywhere in a body of water, it will do so even faster here because of the runoff that flows into the lake. This, in turn, attracts a ton of bait and sea bass and other predatory fish that will go to where their prey is when it rains.

Remember what we said about the sediments that are altered The fish will tend to get away from that. At some food inlets and streams, you may be able to see a clearly defined line between clear and cloudy water. This is a good place to work your bait to catch fish feeding opportunistically as you move towards clearer and shallower waters.

Fish to cover a lot of water in a hurry.

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When we say that rain causes an explosion of feeding energy in fish, we mean it. Fish that were previously kept tight to cover or suspended in depth in one place are now more likely to start wandering. In some cases, you will find fish hanging around or navigating areas that you would not normally find.

Fishing in the rain usually involves covering as much land as possible. We suggest fast-moving crankbaits and spinnerbaits. In a sense, you are perfectly "matching the hatch" as a fly fishing enthusiast might say. However, instead of matching insects, you are matching baitfish that have probably been agitated by raindrops.

Keep a close eye on the clarity of the water here. In some places, rain will cloud the water faster than others. If that is the case, look for larger, more striking and striking lures than usual to help the fish locate the bait.

Another thing to keep in mind are water levels. Become familiar with the waters you are fishing. If you have had a series of major thunderstorms and water levels have increased 2 feet or more, there is a possibility of additional coverage on things like retaining walls, garden furniture and wooden structures that are not normally submerged. Work these areas quickly to determine if they have fish before continuing.

The rain is the maximum audience schedule for the upper waters.

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We love fishing with surface lures, any surface lure. Most people seem to reserve them for calm, spring and summer mornings, where there is no wave anywhere on the surface of the water. But the upper waters can also be dynamite in the rain.

This goes back to what I said in the last tip about quickly covering a lot of water. Something like a stickbait or buzzbait can help you do it quickly in the rain. At least, they are good locator baits because you can more easily see landslides and follow-ups than with a subsurface lure.

As with the spinnerbaits and crankbaits, try to go a little bigger than normal with the lure you use. Something big and striking that looks like an injured bait is perfect. The fish are going to be pressing items of prey like this during a rain and many larger fish will go for the easiest food of a prey item that already seems to be crippled.

Rain and safety equipment for rain fishing.

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Before concluding this, we want to take a few minutes to talk about the safety of fishing when it rains. Because with the rain comes the possibility of storms and lightning. The latter is not something with which you should get under any circumstances. Many fishermen have died when their fishing rod literally became a lightning rod. We don't care how good the fishing is, it's just not worth the risk.

That's why we recommend heading at the moment you hear thunder. Because where there is thunder, there are lightning. Watch for weather forecasts. There is really no excuse for not doing so with cell phone technology capable of sending weather alerts at any time.

But if there is no thunder or lights, a little rain never hurts anyone. Although it can be an awkward experience. This is where a good rain suit comes in. It doesn't have to be super elegant. I personally wear a jacket that costs less than $ 50, but it has a nice waterproof lining that throws the drops of a light rain very well.

Depending on how cold your area cools, consider factors such as insulation and breathability as factors for selecting a coat. If you live in the south, you obviously won't need as much isolation as someone who fishes in the north. Gore-Tex materials are especially pleasant for their ability to shed water and keep you dry for a long and rainy day in the water.

Simms, Columbia, Frog Toggs and Marmot are good brands to keep in mind if you are looking to buy serious rain clothes.

Then, the next time you get up on your day off to see cloudy skies and raindrops on your window, don't worry. Head to the lake anyway. It may be your best day on the water!

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